Barrister babu 4 November 2020 written update : Will Anirudh be able to know the truth about Mini?

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita asks for blessings from Trilochan. Binoy tells Anirudh that he should explain to Bondita that Trilochan cannot raise his hand for blessing, so she should not make such a demand. Anirudh is explaining to Bondita but sees Trilochan’s hand moving, and Trilochan blesses Bondita. Everyone is surprised and happy to see this. Bondita says happily that Trilochan blessed her daughter-in-law. Anirudh says this is the love of Bondita, who gave courage to Trilochan. He tells Trilochan that now Trilochan will have to recover before Diwali because, without him, the festival of Diwali would be incomplete. Bondita agrees and says that then the whole family will make the Diwali festival together.

Bondita also asks for blessings from Binoy, but he refuses to give, but Bondita does not lose morale and smiles. Anirudh thinks of taking Trilochan from there to lighten the situation, and Bondita says that she will light a lamp in the temple because Trilochan always said that a lamp should be lit in the temple in the evening. She adds that she remembers everything and will soon become a skilled housewife. Anirudh praises Bondita’s faith and takes Trilochan to his room. Anirudh cries, keeping his head on Trilochan’s lap and tells him to get well soon as he cannot see him in this condition. While Bondita demands to God that they should fix Trilochan soon or else she will stop talking to them.

Further, Binoy asks Anirudh whether Trilochan’s condition has improved or not because Anirudh is Trilochan’s favorite. He may have some progress after seeing him. He adds that he liked seeing Anirudh safe and sound as he was very worried about Anirudh because Hira Mandi is a terrible place. Anirudh says that the worse thing than the diamond market is the people who attack from behind the back. After saying this, Anirudh departs from there. While Binoy tells Mini that Trilochan is recovering. Knowing this, Mini is scared and thinks that she will have to stop Trilochan from recovering by doing anything. Binoy also tells her that since Anirudh and Bondita have come, she should take care of Bondita.

On the other side, the Brij leads Sampurna against Sourav that Sourav is behind the women of Heera Mandi, while Sampurna is confident that Saurav loves her very much and cannot do something like this to her. There, Mini arrives to meet Bondita, and Bondita expresses her displeasure on her, saying that she did not help her even when she saw her in heera mandi. While Mini wants to convince her that she could not see her due to blindness. Further, Mini notices that Anirudh is coming towards them, so she pretends to fall. Anirudh handles her and tells Bondita that she should take care of Mini. While Bondita says that she does not think Mini needs help because she thinks her eyes are perfect. Mini says, now, how can she convince Bondita that she is blind. Anirudh says that Bondita is not a judge who needs convincing. Anirudh says that she should only swear on him and convince Bondita that she is telling the truth. Mini is shocked.

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