Ishq Mein Marjawan2 4 November : Riddhima takes Ragini with her

At the beginning of the episode, Riddhima wants to escape from Ishani’s eyes while Ishani is busy talking to someone over the phone. Riddhima is going from there, but the voice comes out of her mouth. Ishani is about to see her, but Anupriya comes and takes care of the situation, and Riddhima runs away. Anupriya calls Kabir and informs him that she has finished her work. Kabir says it is good, now Riddhima will find out about Ragini, and they will complete their unfinished work. Riddhima is about to leave out from the cellar door, but the partner of Vansh strikes Riddhima’s head, which makes Riddhima lost her senses. When Riddhima wakes up, she finds Daadi and Ishani in front of her. Riddhima plays as if she has a fever. Anupriya gives this information to Kabir. Kabir says with confidence that this is a plan of Riddhima.

The doctor comes there to check Riddhima. The doctor asks everyone to go out. Ishani realizes that something is going to go wrong. Vansh’s car breaks down. Vansh tells Angre that he should go and check what has happened. However, it is Riddhima who puts sugar in the petrol tank of Vansh’s car so that Vansh’s car gets jammed. The doctor informs Riddhima that she has a fever due to taking too much tension. He asks the nurse to give medicine to Riddhima and leaves himself. Riddhima finds the nurse alone and strikes her head and makes her unconscious. And apologizes for doing so. Further, Riddhima imagines Vansh and Kabir are standing in front of her and asks her to choose between love and duty, and Riddhima decides duty. She wears the clothes of the nurse and calls Kabir to meet her.

Vansh is upset due to a malfunctioning car and decides to reach Ragini at any cost. While Riddhima and Kabir are going towards Ragini. Kabir thinks that now he will find Ragini in a short time and will execute his plan. Ishani goes to meet Riddhima but sees that the door is locked. She feels that something is wrong, and she asks Riddhima to open the door, but grandma comes and takes her from there. Anupriya thinks that it is good that she closed the door at the right time or else Ishani would have known everything.

Kabir and Riddhima reach Ragini’s place. Vansh also comes there. Riddhima successfully takes Ragini with her, and when Vansh realizes that Ragini has gone missing, he gets furious and starts throwing things in anger. While Kabir and Riddhima leave with Ragini.

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