Shakti 4 November : Parmeet throws water on Heer’s face

At the beginning of the episode, Preeto wakes up from sleep and thinks that she should call Virat, but then she thinks that Virat will call himself till then she should sit in Heer’s room to get some peace. Then the phone rings, and Preeto runs towards the phone but slips and falls from the stairs, but Harak saves her. Preeto immediately picks up the phone, and Virat informs her that he and Heer are all right, so they don’t worry. Preeto is about to ask him some more questions, but Virat disconnects the phone.

Daljit returns home after completing the mission, and everyone greets him; he asks Virat about Heer and apologizes to him for not being present at his wedding. Virat says it is okay as his mission is more important. And Parmeet tells Daljit that Heer is still sleeping, and she gets angry and taunts Virat, but only then Heer comes and apologizes to Parmeet for waking up late. But Parmeet throws water on her mouth and advises her that she needs to wake up early because only daughters are entitled to get up late. Next, Parmeet asks Gurminder to tell Heer the rules of this house. Gurminder nodes in yes.

After a while, Heer is getting ready in her room when Virat comes there and asks Heer to wear his choice of saree. Heer agrees and wears his favorite color, saree. Later the two share a romantic moment, and Heer thanks Virat as he made her first morning beautiful after marriage. Further, Parmeet asks Heer to make preparations for the puja, but then Malika and other kinnars have arrived at Sant’s house while Sant and Parmeet get irritated to see them. Sant treats the eunuchs in a bad manner, and Parmeet asks Heer why they come to meet her again and again. Virat says that Heer has been close to the eunuchs since childhood, so it comes to meet her.

Sant tells Virat that he should immediately give nek to Malika and send them off. Heer tells Malika that she should take the nek and leave right now. She adds that she will meet her later. Sant asks Heer if she will go against him to meet them. Virat asks Sant not to interrupt Heer because this house is also of Heer and can do what she wants to do. Simran tells Virat that the daughter-in-law can’t put her choices; only a daughter can do this. Heer grabs Malika’s hand and makes her leave the house. Later she, too leaves the door frame with Malika and hugs her, and asks for her blessings. Virat tells Parmeet to give nek to Malika herself. Parmeet gives it, and Malika leaves from there.

Next, Heer and others worship Mother Durga in the temple, and Parmeet asks Gurminder to prepare the things for Karvachauth. Virat asks Heer what gift she wants on Karvachauth. Heer says this is her first Karvachauth, so she wants Virat to give her a gift of his choice. Heer tells everyone that she is very excited to eat Parmeet’s hand made sargi. Parmeet says that her marriage with Virat is incomplete, so she will not make sargi for her.

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