Qurbaan Hua 5 November : Neel give surprise to Chahat

At the beginning of the episode, Neel came to Chahat and asked her for the logic of drinking apple juice. Then she replied that her friends use to drink when they get fail in their exam. Vyas Ji was pampering Krip, and suddenly Chahat arrived and said that she knows how she will be quiet. Vays Ji says that why Naveli is missing from Kripa’s responsibilities.

Chahat saw a family album and insisted Vyas Ji to show her that album. Vyas got emotional on Sarswati’s pic and started crying. Vyas Ji advises Chahat that never to keep any grudge against your father. Chahat started recalling her last moments with his father. And leave from there making an excuse.

Chahat came to her room and shut the door, and started crying, remembering his father. Chahat took out his father’s portrait and started talking with her. Neel observes all the emotions of Chahat.Parmukh went to Neel’s college and gave a little money to peon and said to him to gather all the information about Neel’s girlfriend. Then peon tells him that the girl who used to roam with Neel her name was Mira. Prmukh gets confused after hearing this name.

Chahat was studying Neel came to their singing song. Chahat told Neel to keep silent and let her study. Neel said, her to come with him to freshen up her mind. Neel tells Chahat that today they will go to donate food to beggars. Chahat gets happy and pulled Neel’s cheeks. Bays came and said Chahat to deposit a cheque on behalf of Alekh.

Neel gives Chahat a surprise by organizing a nonveg buffet. Chahat gets happy and felt very joyful. Chahat thought of Vyas Ji and said that she cant insult Vyas Ji’s belief by eating this nonveg.Chahat wishes to visit a Dhabha and eat lots of Chinese food. After eating Chahat, and Neel left for home. Chahat saw a form in which she got to know that Vyas Ji will shift in an ashram. Neel gets worried and puts his hand in his pocket to call Vyas Ji and ask for it. Chahatbstops her and said to him to think for it before doing anything.

Chahat claims that due to a certain distance between their relationship, so Vyas Ji has taken this decision. Neel decided to go there and cancel his registration.Godhambhari taunted Chahat by saying that Vyas Ji said that Chahat would study, and she is roaming all around. Godhambhari said, Chahat to wake early in the morning chahat asked her why Godhambhri acknowledges her about the fast, then Chahat gets perplexed about what to do.

Episode end.

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