Actor Ishaan Singh Manhas praises TV as a medium on World Television Day: Working on TV has its own share of pros and cons

It’s World Television Day today and the celebration is happening around the globe. The day recognises the importance and impact of the small screen in our lives, especially the way it keeps us updated and entertained. Over the years television has evolved considerably. Ishaan Singh Manhas, of the TV show Sanjog fame, talks about the pros and cons of being in this industry. He also opines on the trends he has noticed in recent times and if he thinks with the passage of time TV content has grown too or not.

“Working in the TV industry has its own share of pros and cons. We actors get fame, money and also have a positive impact in the society through the characters we play and the stories we become a part of. But at the same time because it’s a daily soap, we don’t get much breaks. Our schedule is unpredictable and sometimes we work even when we are not well. Taking holidays or travelling out of town becomes difficult as well,” he says.

Speaking on the trends and content that he has witnessed, the actor takes some time to think before sharing his opinion.

“Trends in the TV industry, as far as content is concerned, is that now there is more focus on Women Empowerment and also the storytelling has become progressive. For example, in the past there were stories where a wife wants her cheating husband to come back to her, but in the content shown today, that same wife will rather leave her husband and move on in life. The popular TV show Anupamaa is an example,” he adds.