Rohit Mehta: I wanted to do films which bring a positive change in people’s lives

Actor Rohit Mehta says that, for him, becoming an actor was all about bringing a change in society. The actor, who has been part of multiple short films as well as the feature film Veer Gometesha, says that he is happy to be part of some amazing projects.

“I have done an ad for Incredible India. I have also done short films, such as Who’s bra is this, Pardon, which was in fact one of the most viewed short films on Hotstar and Upma. Of course, Veer Gomestesha was an amazing experience, as an actor when you see yourself on 70mm, it’s an unfathomable feeling. No words can express this. The cherry on the cake is when the people meet you after the show and appreciate your work,” he says.

He adds, “To be honest, I just wanted to be part of good films, films that leave an impact. I believe that filmmaking is a very strong medium or a tool which can bring tremendous changes in someone’s perception and way of thinking. So, I wanted to do films which bring a positive change in people’s lives.”

The actor hails from Indore and always wanted to join showbiz. “I have done my BBA (bachelor of business administration) from Indore. I was very active on stage since my childhood and I participated in all the plays, dances and skits. I always wanted to be an actor and acting comes organically to me. As for my first break, I got a few casting mail IDs from a friend and I started mailing my pictures. One day I got a call from Ahmedabad and they said that they are making this ad for the brand called Patel Tea. They told me that they liked my pictures and that I should send them my audition. I sent my audition and they called me to Ahmedabad for the shoot , that was my first break,” he says.

Talking about his feature film Veer Gometesha, the film talks a lot about Jainism. The actor says that this made him nervous initially. “I had my doubts about Jainism. But when I was shooting this film, we were in Shravanabelagola, which is a pilgrimage point of Jains in Karnataka, for 20 days, and there I met a few Jain munis who were young and highly educated. I interacted with them and since then I believe that Jainism is a rich, growing and sensible religion,” he says.