Anupama 17th May 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Yashdeep taps the photograph of the plate which Anupama has made, and tells that he tapped the photograph to post via online entertainment. Anupama says it is great and tells that they will put all the staff telephone individually, and afterward bunch photograph. Rahul thinks really she needs to advance Toshu and thinks it is nepotism. She says we can’t do any error. Yashdeep says when we have clients like this. The server gives water to Gulati. Gulati gets some information about the briskness of the water. He then chuckles and says he will set aside some margin to peruse the eateries’ menu, and will take time. Anupama gets some information about Gulati and tells that he brought sent her a mail to the table for work, however didn’t answer. Yashdeep inquires as to whether I will make you meet him. Anupama says no, I’m fine.

Adhik illuminates Dimpy and Titu that he called home and told that they are in his home. Dimpy tells that she needs to educate him something regarding her past. Adhik pardons himself and gets stressed that Dimpy’s past could demolish her future. Dimpy lets Titu know that she had a past. He says everybody has a past, and tells that he would rather not know. Dimpy demands to say.

Anuj gives haldi milk and espresso to Aadhya and Shruti. Aadhya says she is better in the wake of having kada made by Anupama ji. Shruti gets a call and lets Anuj know that marriage setting is fixed and they got the date for the following month. Anuj is disturbed, however keeps favor his face.

Yashdeep meets Gulati. Gulati congratulations him for returning of his café and tells that he has faith in giving rivalry and isn’t that sort of fellow who is content with the conclusion of the eatery. He says you have a guaranteed winner, Anupama ji and inquires as to whether I can meet her. Yashdeep calls Anupama. Anupama gives him masala tea and apologizes to him for not answering. He says it is a response itself.

Dimpy apologizes to Titu in the wake of letting him know truth and tells that to end their union, then, at that point, she will assume all fault on herself. She says sorry. He requests that she quit saying sorry and quit feeling sorry, and says he feels frustrated about her, as she went through this. He says I realize that you could have gone through something similar while discussing it. Dimpy embraces him and gets close to home. Adhik hears them and gets eased.

Mr. Gulati tells that the tea is great and tells that in the event that she had worked with him, she would have enormous kitchen, large compensation and so on. Yashdeep sees another clients and welcomes them. Toshu sees Rahul and Vikram’s discussion. Titu comes to drop Dimpy home and is frightened of his past. He envisions Vanraj slapping him and saying he has seen as about her past, and canceling the marriage. Dimpy expresses goodnight to Titu. Titu acknowledges it was his creative mind.

Toshu comes to Gulati and welcomes him. Gulati says you are taking care of server’s responsibilities while MBA. He asks Anupama for what valid reason she gave server’s responsibility to her MBA child. He says he is feeling awful. Anupama says no one can realize what is better for her child. Toshu feels offended. Anupama requests that he have dark dal. Toshu advises Gulati that he might want to hear a few hints from him and so on. Vikram lets Anupama know that the servers are feeling unreliable because of Toshu.

Vanraj asks Dimpy and Titu what they were talking remaining outside. He helps them to remember Baa’s words and gets some information about marks on his hand. Titu battled with the hooligans and concocts a rationalization and leaves.

Aadhya educates Anuj concerning her companions visiting her on her birthday. Anuj jokes. Aadhya tells that she needs to go for shopping. Shruti requests that she purchase sarees for her. Anuj says you can’t go to India for Dimpy’s marriage. Shruti says she needs sarees for her marriage. Aadhya won’t go. Anuj gets out whatever I will tell to Dimpy. Shruti requests that Aadhya proceed to watch out for Anuj and Anupama and don’t let her approach Anuj. She says she is kidding. Aadhya grins and goes for shopping. Vanraj follows Titu in the auto. Titu sees him and takes his bicycle inside the entryway of a house. Vanraj gets down and gets some information about Titu. The gatekeeper says he doesn’t remain here, yet comes to meet his artist companions. Vanraj confides in him and goes. He figures the reason why he was unable to trust Titu. Titu emerges and gives cash to the gatekeeper and leaves.

Toshu shows 50 bucks tip which he got from Gulati, and tells the individual servers that he got such a lot of cash as he is MBA gold medalist. He says he will bring in more cash than their compensations. Anupama asks how did you respond that you got such a lot of tip. He says he sat idle and says his break time is finished, and insults Anupama. Anupama remembers to end his haughtiness. Yashdeep gets a call and tells that he will meet a food pundit and says in the event that he gives us great rating, we will benefit. Anupama requests that he call him. Anupama hears the servers discussing Toshu.

Precap: Anupama says this prize is the personality, everything being equal. A few columnists and individuals come to the café and embarrass Anupama. Yashdeep faults Anupama. Vanraj says I told that she can’t deal with progress. She is tossed out of the café.

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