Pandya Store 17th May 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Episode begins with Natasha requesting that Dhawal go out. He says OK, I will go, I came to take garments. She says no, its my room, go. He says I know, its your room, might I at any point take my garments. She says no, simply go. He expresses quiet down, I will go. Naveli says all around good, Dhawal has changed at this point. Naveli embraces Natasha. She says I had placed colors on him, so he changed. Dhawal reviews Natasha. Naveli gets his garments. She says don’t go to Bittu’s room, else she will get frightened. He sees Natasha sitting in the window and marking him. Naveli runs back to Natasha.

Hetal thinks about the past. Amba calls Dhawal. She says he would rather not stay here. Hetal says Amrish’s killer stays here, for what reason will he stay at home. She chides Natasha. Natasha says Dhawal loves me, he will comprehend me, I will get him back. FB closes. Hetal says for what reason did Natasha return. Chirag requests that Cart have food. Cart says specialist said I can’t have another child. He says its alright, we don’t need another child. She says Dhawal and Natasha will fix up and join together, they have a child kid soon, they will get the properties, nobody will give me pixie. Amba hears them. Chirag figures I will battle for Cart. Amba says the bahus got shaky since Natasha returned, just Natasha can get my place back. Shantanu gathers the sack. He says Dhawal had come here, he will return in the future to converse with Bittu, we will leave now.

He requests that Bittu come, they will return home. Natasha says I won’t go, this is my room. He says no, our home is in Mumbai, don’t be determined. She says no. Naveli comes there and grins. Natasha hurries to her and embraces. She says I will remain here. Naveli says you will stay put, this is your room, we will play with toys. She plays with Natasha. Shantanu blows up. He goes to Dhawal and asks how did you manage my Bittu. Dhawal says she is Natasha. Shantanu says she is my Bittu, I will take her along, nobody can stop me. its evening, Naveli says I will proceed to lay down with Bittu. Pranali says Bunty’s father will deal with him, I will rest here. Naveli demands. Pranali says simply fall asleep, make no commotion. Amba wears a startling veil and dark garments. She goes to startle Natasha. Naveli sees Pranali sleeping and goes to see Bittu. Amba panics Natasha. Naveli comes and asks who are you. Amba says how could she come. Natasha and Naveli beat her with cushions. They see Amba’s face and stop. Naveli says Dadi… Amba reprimands her. She says you are your mum’s duplicate, you are distraught like her, leave. Naveli asks is Bittu my mum… . Amba figures what did I say, what will I do now.

Naveli says Bittu is my genuine mum. Pranali cries. Dhawal and Shantanu look on.

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