Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th May 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Episode begins with Ruhi running and expressing gratitude toward Vidya. Vidya says sufficiently its, a little girl doesn’t say thanks to her mum, when you told this to me, I was stunned, however since I m mulling over everything, I feel Ruhi is appropriate for Armaan. Ruhi embraces and says thanks to her. She says however you didn’t tell Dadi that Armana and I were enamored previously. Vidya says Armaan forfeited his adoration for Rohit, no one but I can comprehend this, Maasa and others will not comprehend this, I didn’t believe that you should turn out to be awful before everybody. Ruhi says thanks to her. Abhira reviews Ruhi’s words. Ruhi moves cheerfully. Abhira cries. Jhoke ye hawa… .plays… .

A person asks Armaan for a lift. Armaan converses with him. He says my significant other additionally concentrates on in a similar school. The person says you are Armaan Poddar, Abhira’s significant other, right. Ruhi says I will meet Armaan and give the uplifting news. She doesn’t track down him. She says I will tell him actually. She takes the toy to toss and says I have no apprehension now, nobody can break this connection now. Abhira comes to the school. She is lost. Her companion requests that she come in. Abhira reviews Vidya’s words. She sits quiet. She says I need to zero in on test and fail to remember everything. She loses concentrate once more. She composes wrong name and requests additional sheet. The understudies chuckle. The instructor asks her not to commit an error once more.

She thinks for what reason am I failing to remember everything. She envisions Abhira and Ruhi ridiculing her. She closes her ears and says no, I m envisioning this. She glances around. Armaan says Abhira will give the test and afterward my commitment will be satisfied. He hears that Abhira left the test. Madhav asks what, Armaan and Ruhi’s marriage? Vidya says OK, what’s the issue. Sanjay says I m against it, we ought to get Ruhi hitched in another house and send her. Kajal says Armaan and Ruhi are viable. Manisha says no. Everybody examines. Dadi says enough, I maintain that some time should think. Abhira races to expressions room and cries. She gets the tones on a material. She says I destroyed all that for affection. She giggles and says Armaan doesn’t cherish me, he loathes you, the whole family detests you, for what reason am I not ready to stop myself. Armaan comes and inquires as to for what reason aren’t you in test corridor, I battled with my family for your tests, you left the tests and came here, go to your homeroom. Abhira says I have liberated you from my obligation. He says you are nobody to do that. She says enough, you proceed to assume Ruhi’s liability, you will wed her, right. Armaan is stunned.

She contends with him. She says I free you from this obligation and its weight. She goes. He reviews her words. The man says I can’t permit you to sit in the test. Armaan comes to protect her. Abhira says compelling reason need to guard me. She says Sir, you can check cctv film, I didn’t go out to check replies, I don’t require anybody. The man says fine, I realize you are a decent understudy, I will check cctv film later. She says sure, much appreciated. Abhira sees Armaan and tears a response sheet.

Armaan says I m wedding Ruhi. Abhira eliminates the mangalsutra and praises him. She leaves.