Anupama 23th November 2022 Written Update

At the begining, Teacher tell to students that she will give homework suely before Diwali holiday. Anupama thinks she gave lecture in the class too. Vanraj calls Anupama. Anupama excuses herself from the class. She receives a call from Vanraj. Vanraj says to Anupama that he needs to talk something important about Pakhi. Anupama says to Vanraj that three days in a week she will be in a class and will not receive anyone’s call. Vanraj asks Anupama if Pakhi is not important to her. Anupama says Pakhi is not a kid who needs her. She add if Pakhi can fight for her marriage, can abuse her mother or can lie to her family than latter can wait for some time too. Vanraj asks Anupama if for her study she will ignore her children. Anupama ask Vanraj to handle Pakhi until she returns. She add Pakhi is grown up and don’t need a mother. Anupama decide not to share her college time with anyone.

Leela and Vanraj get furious on Anupama for being selfish. They say Anupama shouldn’t have joined the college. Leela says Baa and Hasmuk wanted to send Anupama but she was always against the decision. Vanraj side Leela and decide to call Anuj to ask him to bring Anupama. Hasmuk ask Vanraj not to call Anupama as she has a family and life too. Leela says Anupama is selfish. Hasmuk says there is nothing wrong in being selfish. He asks Vanraj and Leela not to disturb Anupama. Vanraj decide to go against Hasmuk.

Anupama comes out from the class. She writes a love letter to Anuj. Anuj gets excited receiving the letter. Adhik confront Barkha about revealing his truth to Shahs. He asks Barkha what was the need. Barkha says after Anupama she can’t bear her daughter as daughter-in law of the house. Ankush goes against Barkha. Adhik threatens Barkha. He decides to marry Pakhi at any cost. Barkha gets stunned.

Anupama does lunch with her batchmates. Anuj gets excited for doing college romance with Anupama. Kavya lecture Vanraj about turning furious at the crisis. Anupama feels glad joining the college. She thanks Anuj. Anuj regret for not sending Anupama to the college before. Anupama praises Anuj for always being there. Anuj flirts with Anupama. Anupama and Anuj enjoys together.

Anu waits for Anupama. She share with GK that she has written a welcome poem for Anupama. Ankush asks Barkha not to create scene today. Anupama gets happy post Anu read poem for her. GK, Anuj, Anu and Ankush ask Anupama about her first day. Anupama explains about her first experience in the college. She further decides to prepare for Diwali. Adhik meet Pakhi secretly. Leela asks Anupama to come. Anupama refuse to go Shah house. Hasmuk pleads Anupama to come.

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