Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 23th November 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, Emily reminds Aarav about the itching powder which they had spreaded on the money and ask to check Gunjan and Pinky’s hands. They notify about it to the family members while both the sisters stops their urge to itch their hands in front of others. Here, Aarav ask the family members to dip their hands into a chemical substance, so that they can catch the real culprit. Everyone does the procedure but Pinky and Gunjan denies to do it. The latter ask Pinky to sacrifice herself for her but the latter denies. Aarav lies that of the culprit confesses her truth on her own then the Punishment will get less. Pinky gets manipulated by Aarav’s words and confessed about stealing the money. She also points out at Gunjan for being the mastermind. Ahead, Aagya and Anandibaa confronts Gunjan but the latter denies all the allegations and acts to get shocked by Pinky’s revelation. She rebukes her sister and ask her to go out of the house. Aarav tells about the matter to Emily and says that they needs Riddhi to continue their plan in order to expose Gunjan. Whereas, Payal gets suspicious about the latter and stays around Emily to protect her from Riddhi. Later, Gunjan gets furious at Aarav and Emily for fooling her and determines to take her revenge from them. She apologises to Pinky for not being able to save her while Anandibaa shows her disappointment towards Pinky and proclaims that she never expected it from her.