Bhumika Chawla: Every famous personality whose being followed by millions should be able to make a difference in the lives of their fans

These days we can not imagine our life beyond social media. The space is not just for fun and socialising but also being used for work. Celebrities use social media to reach out to their fans. Bhumika Chawla too has become quite active on social media. The actor shares her experience with the virtual world.

“Social media helps us to connect with our well wishes and it’s a good thing. It’s nice to be on social media, but I like to take time off every now and then. Social media validation is important as popular personalities though if we believe that – that’s who we are and that’s what is worth is, boy! Is it shallow, you have to be mentally strong, emotionally stable and happy and at peace and physically healthy that’s what’s more important,” she adds.

Social media is important for celebrities to get a larger fan base. “My personal view on social media is that every now and then every star, actor, and personality who is being followed by millions should be able to make a difference to the life of those following them. If it’s just fashion and likes garnered and that means bigger business for personalities it’s really not something I feel is worth it. Make a difference if you can,” she urges.

Bhumika prefers to do a few films on and off, and stay away from parties and the hullabaloo of paparazzi. “I am trying to balance my work and home. It’s not easy .. the films I get should also be worth my time and wanting to do. Am not a party person as such,” she adds.

When a person chooses to be a celebrity their personal lives don’t remain private anymore. Ask if she enjoys being an outgoing celebrity who enjoys being papped or someone who stays away from limelight when not working and Bhumika says, “Sometimes being spotted and clicked is good . Maybe not always because then we become so unreal and fake — the fine line between real and reel disappears. We are so good at donning a mask as soon as we see cameras that what is in the heart is not out there. Therefore sometimes it’s good but doing it always can be unreal.”