Anupama 27th September 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

Anuj serves desserts to everybody. Samar says my Mummy makes scrumptious desserts. Pakhi says pal has made it and not mummy. Barkha says she is finished. Anuj says it is sugarless. Toshu says jaggery is great for wellbeing. Anupama asks Babu ji, how is Malti Devi? Babu ji says how she can accompany Leela, and says you realizes that she says it and doesn’t think prior to saying, on the off chance that I attempt to stop her, battle occurs. Anupama says individuals says that life continues straight, however it is circle what starts and finishes on inconvenience. Babu ji says inconveniences comes in life to go, whose heart is honest. Anupama says OK. Baa requests that Vanraj converse with Anuj and requests that he make her game plans. Vanraj says today is celebration and he should orchestrate something. Baa says we have 1000’s of celebration, this way we won’t ever converse with him.

Malti Devi reviews Baa’s frightful words and keeps hand on her ears. Anupama inquires as to whether Gurumaa is fine and says she could feel frightened being separated from everyone else. Kinjal says she caused her to have it and composed everybody’s numbers in the journal and kept. Anupama says all of you are enduring a direct result of us. Kinjal says assuming that we are independent? Anupama gives kheer to Malti Devi which is made by Anuj. Kinjal goes to keep it. Anuj inquires as to whether all is great. Anupama thinks she isn’t against him, however believes an old mother should get some satisfaction. Pakhi declares that Chotin and she has chosen for a tomfoolery game. Anupama stresses for Malti Devi. Dimpy gets a call and gets paralyzed. Everybody begins playing the game and snickers.

Anupama tells that the games are like visit masala, as it is like talk masala and improves the preferences. Malti Devi is spooky by Baa’s words and Anuj’s refusal to acknowledge her as his mom. Pakhi says now the spectators turn. Baa says I can’t play as I had a lot of desserts. Anupama requests that Kavya sit. Barkha requests that Kavya sit and requests that she continue her demonstrating vocation after pregnancy, and asks her to avoid botch which she did. Baa asks what you are talking about and tells that the mother will be at home, and says in the event that the mother is seen to the child, its alright. She says little child needs his mom more and she will be at home, it seen ends up indulging without a mother. Anupama says Baa. Barkha says father will likewise be dependable. Baa says father brings in cash and mother deals with the child. Kinjal says nurturing is the two guardians’ liability and says Toshu and the family upholds me to finish the work. Babu ji says OK. Barkha tells that it is different matter in Kavya’s matter, as the child is of another person’s. Anupama tells that the heart will be large and on the off chance that it is huge, they go to make the child calm who is crying out and about. Barkha inquires as to whether their heart is large?

Anuj comes to Vanraj and says I realize you are as yet furious at Kavya. He says Toshu and Kinjal’s connection couldn’t turn out to be better till today, Kinjal couldn’t excuse him. He says after so much occurred, Kavya is still in your home and that implies you both have some connection which is halting you both to break it. He requests that he satisfy the connection with similar force and says your annoyance and bitterness can hurt Kavya and the child. He says once the child is conceived, how you will respond. He inquires as to whether you will get that child far from you. He says when I got a call from shelter about Choti, I didn’t see her face and needed to take on her. He says on the off chance that you love child, the child will be yours. Anuj tells that Kavya actually cherishes him and the family and requests that he continue on, and end up being a decent dad for the kid. He says my own mom left me, and I was fortunate to be taken on by my folks and gave me love and care. He requests that he think what is the child’s slip-up and says even he has the right to the two guardians’ adoration and requests that he think and take a choice, as it is his life. He says you will move a little and afterward all will be great, that child isn’t blameworthy. Anupama comes there and checks Anuj out. Vanraj considers Kavya and Anuj’s words. Anupama says I trust Mr. Shah will take a choice, he will acknowledge the child completely else will advise Kavya with the goal that she prepares to battle her own conflict. She requests that Bappa make everything fine.

Malti Devi says I will not be alive, and will leave from here, I don’t have right to remain here. She emerges from the house, when the driver comes there and says Anuj made this kheer and Anupama sent it for her. Malti Devi gets close to home and expresses out loud whatever I was doing, I will not leave the expectation, my child has made it. She then, at that point, reviews Baa’s words and says I will pass on.

Shah family tells that they will leave. Pakhi gives them gifts. Dimpy says I need to tell something to all of you. Baa requests that she do show tomorrow and says today is celebration. Anupama requests that she say. Samar requests that Dimpy express out loud whatever occurred? Kavya and Anupama requests that she say. Dimpy says I’m pregnant. Everybody is cheerful. Anupama embraces Dimpy. Samar embraces Vanraj and Anupama. He says I will be Dad. She says I will be Dadi.

Precap: Samar requests that Anupama make halwa. She says whatever anything you say. He says he simply needs his mummy and don’t have any desire to isolate with her of all time. Pakhi, Toshu and Samar share a great time after quite a while. Anupama petitions God for them. Samar tells that he is exceptionally cheerful today, and sees the dishes. He gets injured as the nail punctures in his foot.

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