Anupama 3rd October 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

Anuj flies off the handle seeing Sonu making trouble with a young lady. He pulls him away from the young lady and punches him. Vanraj and others meddle and stop Anuj. Sonu yells how dare he is to punch him for a modest young lady. Vanraj demands Anuj not to battle today as it’s his child’s greatest day. Anuj saves Sonu. Sonu incites Anuj more than once and asks how will he respond assuming that he acts mischievously with his better half and sister. Anuj wastes Sonu once more. Vanraj and others haul him out once more and request that he let the police make a move on Sonu. Chief lets Anuj know that he called police who will deal with smashed hooligans and solicitations him to leave with his group. Anupama fills oil in the sanctuary light. Leela says she did well. Blossom festoon separates and falls on light. Light brushes off. Anupama gets stressed for Samar. Anuj requests that supervisor ensure Sonu is captured and leaves with his group. Vanraj says there were bobs in the club who might have dealt with thug, Anuj shouldn’t have stirred up some dust. Anuj says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea what that hooligan said.

Toshu goes to bring Hasmukh out. Anupama calls Samar. Samar sends her an emoticon and separates call. Sonu takes shots at Anuj. That’s what samar sees and leaps to save Anuj. Sonu’s companions take him from that point. Anupama gets more stressed for Samar. Leela expresses blowing of sanctuary light is an abshagun. Barkha says there is nothing similar to that. Kinjal says Samar probably sent that emoticon unintentionally. Pakhi says we should play antakshari. Anupama says let us change the dress as party garments tingle. Pakhi says party garments are so awkward. Hasmukh picks Anupama’s call. Anupama restlessly inquires as to whether Samar is fine. Hasmukh says everybody are fine, they will get back in the wake of eating. Anupama requests that they get back soon.

Anupama puts on something else and strolls into kitchen. She hears women singing Khai Ke Paan Banaras waala… melody and believes it’s Samar’s main tune. She sees kheer saved for Samar in the refrigerator. Samar strolls to her and says he came to have kheer. Anupama feels blissful seeing him. Samar gets out whatever needs to happen will occur, he would have even pardoned Yamraj uncle to have her arranged kheer. She takes care of him kheer with her hands and presents a sonnet to her for him. She inquires as to whether it’s benefit. Samar says it’s great to such an extent that his entire life’s desires are satisfied in one go. Anupama asks him not to say that. Samar gets close to home. Anupama inquires as to whether he is getting personal as he is becoming a dad, he really want not stress as they all will deal with his child. Anuj says they need to deal with from hereon. Anupama says he will be Anupama and his child will be Samar soon. Samar says Dimpy can’t deal with alone, she ought to help her. Anupama says she will accompany Dimpy. Samar says his child would be devilish, she ought to show him spirits and her dance, Toshu ought to help him in examinations, and so on, and separates asking her not to let his child without any trace of adoration.

Precap: Anupama sees Anuj and others standing unfortunately in obscurity and asks reason. She sees Samar missing and asks where is he.
Vanraj says their Samar is dead. Samar welcomes her bye and vanishes. Anupama runs behind him and tumbles down.

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