Imlie 3rd October 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

Noyonika inquires as to whether he truly needs to wed her. Agastya says no. Noyonika inquires as to whether he brought her out to dismiss her. Agastya says his choices were never right and he never need to wed throughout everyday life, except his daadi chose Noyonika and believes him should wed her and the majority of the times other’s choices work for himself and thus he will wed her. Noyonika inquires as to whether he is wedding her under family tension. Family anxiously hangs tight for them to return. Sonali trusts Agastya concurs for marriage. Agastya lets Noyonika know that he is wedding under family’s tension however figures their choice will work for him. Noyonika says essentially he can take his choices, she couldn’t do that. The two of them return and concur for the commitment. Family offers them rings. Noyonika says she heard in a sequential that left ring finger has a nerve of adoration and the ring triggers it. Agastya says he doesn’t have confidence in that as relationship breaks on the off chance that the trust is broken, whether it’s a life partner or representative and boss. They trade rings. Sonali compliments Alka and says now Agastya is influenced quite a bit by, she will make him dance to her tunes.

Imlie completes the process of working at Bunty’s food truck and attempts to leave. Bunty asks where is she going. Imlie says for work. Bunty reminds her tussle with her supervisor yesterday and how her manager embarrassed her. Imlie says she isn’t made a big deal about akhrot/Agastya’s insults and can do anything for Ashu. Bunty attempts to stop her, yet she proceeds with her weighty discoursed and leaves for work. Imlie arrives at Chaudhry Desserts. Chief illuminates her that financial backers have returned and need to taste menu, Agastya hasn’t arrived to conclude a menu. Imlie asks him not to stress as she will set up the best dishes she can. She gets ready dishes and serves them to the financial backers.

Agastya arrives at shop and inquires as to whether financial backers came, says he was unable to rest soundly the previous evening because of certain issues. He strolls into shop and notification Imlie serving food to financial backers. He asks financial backers not to have this food as he terminated Imlie from her culinary expert’s work. Financial backers ask Agastya for what reason he needs to fire a skilled culinary expert. Imlie says since she sings in a bar. Agastya says that is her concern. Imlie says it’s her evil destiny that she is conceived poor and Agastya is conceived rich, what is her mix-up on the off chance that she sings in a bar and deceived him to get his jobb. Agastya says that is her misstep and she would rather not acknowledge it. She keeps on conveying her weighty profound exchanges and leaves calling him akhrot ka chilka without any cerebrums.

Agastya reviews his mom singing in a bar and men making trouble with her. Out of flashback, he lets financial backers know that he will find another cook soon as he can’t let a modest bar vocalist ruin his privately-run company’s standing. Financial backer says they will sing an arrangement provided that he employs Imlie back. Agastya says then he isn’t keen on this arrangement. Financial backer says even bar vocalists are human and leaves.

Precap: Imlie sings Sheesha Ho Ya Dil Ho… tune.
Amrit makes rukus and attempts to contact Imlie. Imlie slaps him. Agastya arrives at there.

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