Anupamma 1 December 2020 Written Update : Lila ask Anupama to forgive Vanraj

At the beginning of the episode, Vanraj tells Leela that he failed to play and attempt to have a relationship with Anupama. He says that he was alone, so he made these mistakes. Anupama tells Babuji that Vanraj performed all the relationships well, so he should not get away from the rest for one mistake. Vanraj says that he made a mistake that he found happiness in Kavya, he shared his grief with Kavya which Anupama gave him. Babuji asks for tea from Anupama.

Vanraj says he is not proud of his work but is also not sorry. Leela looks at him with a surprised look. Leela tells Vanraj that Vanraj was able to do something because Anupama was in this house. And Vanraj should rectify his mistake.

Kavya wonders why Vanraj is not picking up her phone. Will Anirudh’s talk come true? Will Vanraj leave her? She cries and says Vanraj cannot do this to her. Vanraj tells Leela that he cannot give place to his relationship with Anupama as she does not deserve it. Anupama thinks why all this is happening to her. Why her family is being punished without any fault.

Leela says that they did not let Anupama study nor supported her. They entangled her in household chores otherwise she would have gone ahead of Kavya. Leela says that Vanraj should rectify his mistake and break the relationship with Kavya. Anupama gives tea to Babuji. She says tea is hot so don’t drink in a hurry. Babuji says his heart is burnt, then what difference does it make. Anupama gets frustrated.

Leela comes to Anupama and apologizes to her and asks if she will forgive Vanraj. She tells that Vanraj has told her that if Anupama becomes like before then he will leave Kavya. Leela tells Anupama that she should take care of everything and do not let Vanraj leave this house. Anupama says that she is no one to separate Leela from her son. But she cannot forgive Vanraj. And neither can stop Vanraj.

Vanraj tells Leela that he had already said that Anupama would not agree. And why would she agree as now this also house belongs to her. Leela stops Vanraj. Vanraj says everyone is unhappy with him, so he leaves this house and is going to Kavya and is going to marry her very soon. Anupama asks if he is talking about divorce. He says yes. Anupama says she is ready to divorce him. Because she has divorced him from the heart, so now she does not mind this kind of things anymore.

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