Shaadi Mubarak 1 December 2020 Written Update : Nandni use bitter words for Preeti

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti gets a call from Nandni. Who tells her that KT is outside her hotel room. She tells Preeti to take KT from here. Preeti leaves immediately. There KT asks Nandani to open her room door. He asks if she slept, then says how can she sleep because he has destroyed her sleep. That’s when Preeti arrives. She asks KT to go home. But KT does not listen to her.

He constantly accuses Nandni and says that today he has taken revenge of 17 years old. Preeti manages KT. The manager of the hotel says that it would be better if Preeti takes KT from here or else he will call the police. Preeti says there is no need to do so as she will take him from here soon.

Later, KT wakes up in the morning and remembers the night scene. He recalls that Nandani stopped him and preeti when Preeti was taking him from the hotel. He calls Nandni and asks her what she told Preeti. Nandni tells him that she tells Preeti that KT married her to take revenge on her. KT holds the phone and thinks Preeti has come to know everything. He will have to talk to her or else everything will go bad as before. He searches Preeti and finds that Preeti is bringing her luggage from Kusum’s house. KT’s father tells Preeti to get ready as it is her Mudikhai ceremony today. Preeti goes to her room. KT chases her but Neil stops him and says that Katie KT meet Preeti till the ritual is over. Preeti recalls that when she went to Kusum’s house, Kusum got very angry that Nandni insulted her. While Preeti tells her that this thing is not new to her. She already knew that KT had married to her to take his revenge on Nandni .

Kusum says that without love, marriage does not happen, so Preeti should try to have a lot of love in her life now. She also gives a dress to Preeti. Preeti is dressed by wearing it. KT arrives. He is surprised to see Preeti. Preeti asks him why he came here. KT says he forgot but he wanted to tell one thing.

Then Neil comes and asks KT what he is doing here. He tells him to go from there and get ready. There KT’s father and uncle make understand Kusla and Sneha to respect Preeti as she is now KT’s wife now. Ahead the ritual of Muhdikhai begins. Kusla starts the ritual and tells Preeti that she should not expect much from this marriage, this marriage will not last long.

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