Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1 December 2020 Written Update : Kairav saw Niara and started panicking

At the beginning of the episode, Naira was shopping for Kairav’s birthday party and she was forgetting something and suddenly she remembered that she is missing Kairav’s favorite ice cream. She took that and was leaving for home suddenly she noticed Kairav and Kartik with that another girl.

Naira was trying to recognize her but can’t. Dadi was trying to call Naira but she did not pick. Dadi was thinking that she hadn’t talked with everyone at a time. Dadi decided to talk to everyone at the same time. Kairav recalled his last birthday moments with Naira and felt sad. Naira was preparing for Kairav’s birthday and thinking about that girl.

Naira was at the balcony suddenly she mistook the guard for Kartik. Then guard was indirect trying to connect her actions to Kartik. Kartik came after he went off and hugged Naira and asked her when she will be back. Naira said till Kairav recover. Kartik brought a sleeping video of Kairav and shown him and then he picked Akshara. Suddenly Kartik’s phone rang but he declined the call. Naira asked her about the girl with whom they were eating ice cream. Then Kartik said to her that she is Ridhima’s counselor of Kairav.

Naira started panicking and blamed herself for that. Naira was telling all situations are opposite with her. Naira said they don’t need anyone else for Kairav. Naira requested him to trust her as they will handle every situation and we don’t need any outsider. Kartik took Naira to Kairav. The security guard was watching both of them on CCTV and thought about sharing this affair with the secretary of the building. Naira went inside the house and slowly moved towards Kairav and pampered her.

Naira told sorry to her and said she is the worst mother. Kartik motivated her and asked Naira to click a selfie as Dadi was asking for everyone. Then Kartik clicked the selfie and suddenly Kairav woke up and started panicking and wore his specs. Kartik pampered him and. Said her that there is no one. Naira hid with Akshara.

Episode end

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