Yeh Hain Chahtein 1 December 2020 Written Update : Shocker for Rudraksh

At the beginning of the episode, Preesha helped her sister to cross the fencing and jump inside the house, and then Preesha came in. Yuvraj was sneaking inside the house and saw everyone gathered at a place suddenly Saransh saw Yuvraj and asked him why he was hiding. Yuvraj said he has come to Meet Preesha and Mahima. Saransh said he will tell Rudkraksh that you will help us yo find Preesha and Mahima. But Saransh shouted and called Rudkraksh and Yuvraj sat there and was thinking today his bines will get fractures. As soon as everyone came and saw Yuvraj he tried to divert them towards the missing of Preesha and Mahima.

Yuvraj said he also care for Mahima and Preesha so he came inside the house and he also brought Gps and Vasudha. Rudkraksh said Ahana to keep an eye on Yuvraj and they went upstairs to check out. Rudkraksh went there and Saw them and asked what they were doing there. Preesha said they have just come to have a walk. Rudkraksh scolded her for not informing her and making everyone tensed. Mahima was trying to tell the truth but Preesha stopped her.

Ahana was asking Yuvraj that why he came here. Yuvraj said he has just come here to see the drama. Suddenly they came back and Yuvraj thought it was the right time to escape and went off. Ahana was trying to stop but Miskha stopped her and said let him go. Preesha apologizes to her and suddenly Rudkraksh noticed the bare legs of Preesha and asked her about her slippers. Press said she just came here to have a barefoot walk. Rukdkrash doubted her and went near the boundaries and saw her slippers on the railings and scolded her for laying him and said him to tell the truth. Pressha confessed everything and told her about everything.

Sharadha was about to leave but Ahana taunted and said because of your daughter’s carelessness you all arrived and at this house and disturbed everyone. Vashudha said she has the rights as her both daughters are living. Shardha stopped them and said Ahana to go. Sharadha apologizes for Ahana’s behavior. Rudkraksh got scared after get to know how Preesha saved Mahima.

Rudkraksh got angry at Preesha for risking her life. Preesha said she was not having time to think and she is my sister how can I let her die. Rudkraksh said what if something could happen to her. Preesba said this is because we are not allowing Saransh to go with Mahima. Rudkraksh got angry and said there is no possibility of her recovery. Rudkraksh said he will send her back from where she came. Preesha said Rudkraksh that she will not go anywhere.

Mahima was making Saransh sleep, Gps and Vasudha came t see off her and felt happy to see a smile on Mahima’s face. Gps told Vasudha he will go upstairs and see off them. Rukdkrash stood up on the railing and scared Preesha that he will jump from there. Preesha said to him to come down for the sake of her. Rukdkrash came down and said the same feeling I felt for you.

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