Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 1 December 2020 Written Update : Ashwini good gesture towards Sai

At the beginning of the episode, Devyani said Sai entered with the right leg and now everything will get right with us. Virat told Sai to take blessings from Bhavini but she went off. Ashwini hugged Sai and said to her that one day everything will get a fix. And said to her that she is with her and no one can do any injustice with her in this house. She wished Virat’s life may be filled with happiness.

Shiwani said Sai not to make any relation with her. Virat thanked Pakhi for supporting her. Virat told Ashwini to feed Sai as she is hungry for a long ago. Karishma said our bonding will be very much strong as we both are of the same age.

Sunny went to Virat and said he was searching for him in the whole house. Sunny said Virat not to worry as no one can stop them from happening. Virat thought his father would understand his situation but he did not. Sunny said there is a generation gap between you and him. Virat said Sai should receive all love and respect from this house she should not suffer due to him. Pakhi informed Neha that Virat was not able to fulfill his promise. Neha said it’s normal and he did for his benefit. Pakhi said she only married Samrat because of Virat’s promise. Neha said now there is no time to cry it’s time to forget everything and move on. Pakhi said every time he thinks about this. Neha said to her to forget everything.

Karishma took Sai to her bedroom and said her to get fresh up fast. Sai was mute and not responding. Krishna said to Sai that she has faced everything like her. And asked her about what she will eat. Sai ignored to eat anything. Karishma said she will help her how to live in this house.

Karishma said Sai to be alert from Pakhi as there is something fishy in between Pakhi and Virat. Sai stopped her and said she is not interested to hear such things. Karishma said her responsibility was to inform him as she did now it’s your decision. Sai thought in her mind she is having only one aim to study and fulfill his dream. Sai took out Kamal’s portrait and cried and said today the way everyone talked with her of he would be alive then no one could dare to say something.

Suddenly Ashwini came asked her about her family history. Ashwini said her to call from a new name combination of everything. Ashwini forced Sai to eat something. Suddenly got emotional and started crying. Ashwini said she will not allow her to cry anymore. Bhavini was not eating anything and worried about what they will answer to others that our educated son brought a girl who has just passed 12 th. Bhavini said she thought she will bring a girl to the big house for Virat suddenly Virat came and knocked on the door.

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