Kumkum bhagya 2 December 2020 Written Update : Abhi is in a dilemma

At the beginning of the episode, Pragya misses Riya. She holds Riya’s picture in her hand and shares her grief. Prachi, Sahana, and Sarita come there. They see that Pragya is upset. Sarita asks them to give some alone time to Pragya. They leave while Pragya cries. Other side Riya remembers Prachi’s word. She cries while walking on the road. One car is about to hit her but luckily Abhi saves her. He brings her home and asks Meera to take care of her daughter.

There, Doctor tells Vikram and others that Pallavi is safe now. But they have taken good care of her as she is still weak now. He then asks Ranbir to meet his mother as she wants to have a good conversation with him. While Abhi asks Alia what is exactly wants. Why she always bother Pragya and his family. Aliya asks him if she is not his family. She adds that Pragya is the one who spoiled his family, not she. And she only loves Prachi thus she file a case against Riya. Abhi asks him to stop her nonsense. But she still continues her talk. She tells him that today Prachi curses Riya. Abhi didn’t believe this. While Aliya tries to prove her manipulating words.

There, Ranbir meets his mother. He tells her that feels sad seeing his mother in this condition. Pallavi apologizes to him and asks him that if he wants her to be happy then marry Riya she doesn’t like Prachi at all. Ranbir thinks he can’t hurt his mother anymore so he agrees to do that. Pallavi becomes happy.

Aliya tells Abhi that because of him Riya faced a lot. And now if he wants his daughter happiness then bring other woman and marry her. So that Riya gets mother love. Abhi says he will never do that. He loves Pragya and can never bring other women into his life. Riya asks Abhi to do as Aliya says as she too deserves mother’s love which she never gets. Riya asks Abhi to marry Meera and bring her happiness back.

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