Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1 December 2020 Written Update : Vihaan throws Riddhima out of the house

At the beginning of the episode, Ishani says that Riddhima is the one who allowed Kabir to stay here.  Grandma says this is half true.  she was the one who asked Riddhima to take this decision.  Vansh says that it is Riddhima’s fault that she kept Kabir here and was also going to marry him.  Dadi says that no Vansh is wrong, she had asked Riddhima to marry because it is difficult to live a widow’s life.  Ishani interrupts Dadi and says that Dadi always did wrong by supporting Riddhima.  Ishani says that Kabir wanted to take the place of Vansh on top of that he dominated everyone and wants to become Bhai.

Kabir thinks it would have been better if he had killed Ishani.  Ishani asks Kabir why he is staring at her.  She says now there is no use because now her brother back.  Vansh comes to Kabir. Kabir thinks he will have to do something or else his game will be ruined.  Kabir tells Vihaan that he was going to leave the city after his death but then he found his mother.  He says that he just wanted to make this family happy and Riddhima too agreed with his decision.  Riddhima thinks how neatly Kabir is lying.  Kabir says that if Vansh wants, he can leave this house and go with his mother.

Kabir goes to Dadi and says that he should have gone earlier but he stopped at the behest of Dadi but now he cannot stay here.  Now it is better to go from here.  Kabir and Anupriya start going and Vihaan stops them.  He asks Kabir for his turban.  Riddhima says how did Vihaan know that this is the turban of Vansh.  While Kabir gives the safa to Vihaan and thinks that now he sure that this man who is standing in front of him is not Vansh.  Because Vansh cannot stay without Anupriya.  Kabir starts going.  But Grandma stops them.  Dadi goes to Vihaan and asks him if he is her grandson because her grandson can never break a relationship so easily.

Dadi says that Vansh has fought with everyone, but he never broke the relationship, then how could he break the relationship with Anupriya while Anupriya always took care of him and his siblings.  Vihaan says that he will never go beyond his grandmother’s decision, so he stops Kabir and hugs him.  He says in Kabir’s ears, after this, the bets will be his as well as the victory.  Riddhima thinks that she did not know that Dadi will reverse her game but now she should play the second step of the plan.  Riddhima apologizes to Vihaan.

In the flashback, Riddhima tells Vihaan that she will apologize to him and he will have to forgive her.  But she is shocked when she hears the words of Vihaan.  Riddhima thinks about what is Vihaan doing.  Why is he behaving like Vansh?  Vihaan says that he can no longer sack Riddhima, so he will get divorced and ask her to stay in the outhouse till they get divorced.  Riddhima says he never thought he would do it.  He swore at his mother.  Vihaan smiles and throws Riddhima out of the house.

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