Kundali bhagya 2 December 2020 Written Update : Girish turns the table

At the beginning of the episode, Preeta helps Rakhi in pooja’s work. Rakhi says that Preeta is fasting today, so she should relax and she will take care of the work. Preeta says the fast is also for Rakhi, then why is she working. Rakhi says because it is not her first vow. Rakhi tells Preeta to call Karan. Preeti goes to call Karan. Mahira stops Preeta on the way and says that Preeta has won a game but Karan will break the fast of her and Preeta will not be able to do anything. Preeta tells her that she should keep her rubbish talk to herself because she does not want to be part of her conversation or any plan.

Mahira asks her why, has she given up. Preeta says no but she knows that Mahira’s mental condition is not right, so she wants to stay away from her. But then if Mahira did any wrong act then she will not leave her. And talking about Karan and her relationship, then that is very strong and she cannot break their relationship with her lowly antics. But even if Karan tries to get away from her, she will understand that in their life place of love was less. And it will not happen anyway because their relationship is very strong. Mahira thinks that soon she will break this trust of Preeta. Prithvi comes to meet Sherlin there. Sherlyn is shocked to see him. She asks him what he is doing here. Prithvi says he came to open her fast. Sherlyn says she has not fasted. That’s when Rishabh comes. Prithvi hides. Sherlyn takes Rishabh out of the room on the pretext.

Prithvi says that earlier both Sherlyn and Preeta were with him but now there is no one. He has to make a plan so that his life can be as before. Everyone is waiting for the moon ahead. Mahira pretends to be unconscious. Karan tells Girish to bring water. The moon comes. Rakhi asks Karan to open Preeta’s fast. Karan is worried about Mahira but Rakhi says she will take care of her. Further, Mahira’s eyes are closed and she drinks water from Girish’s hand thinking that it is Karan. While Karan performs rituals with Preeta. Mahira is shocked when she opens her eyes.

Mahira comes to her room and angrily throws away the belongings of the room. Sherlyn arrives and asks Mahira what she is doing. Mahira says Girish opened her fast because of Sherlyn because it was her plan to pretend to be unconscious. There Preeta and Karan praise the moon and look into each other’s eyes. Karan hugs Preeta.

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