Qurbaan Hua 2 December 2020 Written Update : Vyas Ji gave a surprise to Neel and Chahat

Neel directs the man to declaim the fact, so he tells that Dr. Baig’s wife assigned him to kill them all, and he also says regularly that Chahat is Muslim. Vyas Ji views Chahat in bile, which makes her worried, but he passes her and hits the man for putting the wrong accusation on Chahat. He says Chahat is his daughter and threatens him.

Vyas Ji states that they have found the criminal behind hurling molten iron on Neel. Later, Neel proposes to Chahat what happened, so she confesses to him as Ghazala was included in that occurrence, and he got hurt in a trial to protect her. Chahat feels sinful about all that transpired, but he asks her to repose and says no one will be able to hurt her till he is there. Neel reveals his optimism about the fact that no one hoped the guy when he said she is Muslim, and even Mami got their side.

Neel and Chahat gaze at each other in a chaotic way, Chahat goes and turns on the light. They see the whole house redecorated and a setup made for candlelight dinner. They find a tab in which Bhopu has left a note saying that Vyas Ji asked him to make these enhancements.

Neel urges Chahat to not take these things seriously, an inopportune moment is built among them. Then he recommends that they should sit and talk, now that all organizations are done. Chahat also says that they can spend some time to know each other. They sit, and Neel proposes what does she like other than her studies, so she says that she likes to eat and sleep a lot and starts telling him her life expertise, and he experiences hearing her and smirks.

Chahat asks Neel what he likes more than studies, so he says that he likes to play the guitar, which makes her giggle, and she makes the joy of him asking whether he can really sound guitar. She looks the other way while smiling when Neel comes with his guitar and starts playing it. She is surprised to see him play so well and praises his talent. Chahat and Neel start striving when the robber slips, and Neel orders her to prepare the room and goes out in a rush. She tries to close the Elmira, but it gets stuck, and she finds Dr. Baig’s watch united in her saree.

Episode ends

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