Barrister babu 1 December 2020 written update : Mini make Anirudh upset

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh recalls Greenwood’s talk, in which he says that Indian girls are cowards. Anirudh says that girls will definitely fulfill this condition. There Ramya asks Suraiya and the other girls to get ready as Anirudh is going to teach them. Further, Anirudh comes to teach girls. They are all shocked to see Anirudh’s anger. Ilaichi asks why Anirudh is getting so angry. Bondita says that sometimes Anirudh gets very angry and becomes a demon o. There Mini tells the boys that they have to beat the girls at any cost.

There, Anirudh asks Bondita and other girls to call him master. And make Bondita a monitor of the class. So that everyone studies in class. There Mini thinks her team preparations are going very well but she wants to know what Anirudh is doing. A boy tells Mini that he has studied level one. Gave him the level 2 book. Mini says it is not needed. She tells him that if his study completes then he goes and checks what Anirudh is doing.

There Anirudh tells Bondita and others about gravity. The boy tells Mini that Anirudh’s team is studying outside in the open place. Mini says she knows why Anirudh is doing this but she will not let Anirudh succeed in his plan. Further, Anirudh tells the girls about Mughals. Bondita asks her Bholi to talk while studying but Bholi becomes unconscious. Ramya tells Anirudh that this would have happened to her because she was harassed by her family.

Suraiya asks Anirudh to expels Bholi from their team. As Bholi will not say a single word from her mouth which can make them lose this competition. Anirudh says no he will not do so. Bholi is their team member and it will remain the same. Later Ilaichi and Badal start fighting. Anirudh tries to stop them but they didn’t stop which makes Anirudh angry. Bondita asks girls to say sorry to Anirudh. They feel guilty and apologizes to Anirudh. Anirudh forgives them and teaches them about Science. But Mini comes there. She makes sounds that disturb girls. Anirudh asks her to stop her nonsense. But Mini didn’t stop. Anirudh asks the girls to focus on study.

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