Shakti 1 December 2020 Written Update : Rohan is in a dilemma

At the beginning of the episode Heer says that she knows Rohan will help her so she will not force him, but she hopes he will support her.  Preeto tells Rohan to go to his room.  Rohan leaves.  Preeto says Heer Rohan will not marry Simran.  Heer says that she wants to hear the same thing from Rohan’s mouth.  Preeto says okay go to your room and wait for Rohan.

Heer goes to her room.  Preeto calls Rohan.  She tells Rohan that it would be better if Rohan leaves from here.  Because if he stayed here, Heer’s tears would make him weak.  And she does not want Rohan to marry the girl who is going to be the mother of someone else’s child.  She says Simran will never be able to love him as her heart belongs to another man.  Rohan agrees.

Heer goes to her room and gets emotional after remembering the old things.  She then hears the sound of the car and sees that Rohan is going.  She says Preeto seems to have sent Rohan out so that the two of them could not talk.  She thinks that she will surely make Rohan accept this marriage.

It is night, Heer waits for Rohan.  She says she will not go without talking to Rohan.  Rohan returns.  He sees Heer waiting for him in the cold.  He gives her his jacket.  Heer feeds him a carrot halwa.  Heer tells Rohan that she really needs his help. She is sure that Simran and Rohan will be happy.

She begs in front of him and says please marry Simran.  Rohan leaves from there without giving any answer.  While Virat comes and consoles Heer. Later both enter the house. Preeto asks Heer if Rohan gives her the answer. Heer says not yet. Harak asks Heer not to wait for Rohan’s answer as maybe he doesn’t want to marry Simran thus he ignores her and didn’t give any answer yet. He asks Heer to take a rest. Heer says she waits for Rohan as she wants to know what Rohan decides. Meantime Rohan comes there. He tells Heer that he is ready for this marriage.

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