Choti Sarrdaarni 1 December 2020 Written Update – Kulwant made voilcene

At the beginning of the episode, aJeeto questions why Amrita is horrified when she just started the coaching center. Ginni states she will guide french. Her husband asks does she knows French. Neighborhood Lady comes there to take something. Jeeto orders her to send her kids here.

Amrita announces she started the coaching center now only and that’s why Jeeto said like that. Sarab says he got 49 pupils for Amrita’s coaching center. Meher tells Param will be her 50th junior and says at the origin 50 students is a great number. Param states he is eager to join Yuvi and will study from Amrita also.

Patak declares he will assign his guy to him and tells him to give the DNA test report to him and he will make assured that the DNA test report transfers Harleen. Vikram tells him to do everything quickly because he can’t wait for more extra for Karan’s custody. Meher was getting ready. Sarab dreams about dancing with Meher in Ishq wala love song. Param comes there and calls Sarab. Sarab comes to the presence and recognizes that it was just a nightmare.

Amrita says the people to sit inside the house saying she is waiting for Kulwant to begin the coaching center. Kulwant gets there and gets frustrated seeing several people in her house and concussions seeing the board of Amrita’s coaching center. She was about to throw the board but Meher prevents her from doing it. Kulwant orders her to leave the board. Meher tells her to not do acting in front of everyone. Kulwant says if she holds her then only drama will happen here now.

Kulwant says Amrita can’t start a coaching center in her home. Amrita says Meher to not resist Kulwant and says she will do something more. Meher says what’s wrong if an educated girl like Amrita opens a coaching center. Kulwant says she will also see who places that board in her house. Meher says Amrita requires to begin this coaching center.

Kulwant says she has an obstacle with it because it’s her house and she will decide what to do in this house and as the keeper of this house she won’t give support to fasten this board. Meher says she is this house’s daughter and she gives support to Amrita.

Aditi says Sarab induced Karan also to the office and compliments him. She states she has so much regard for Sarab and the extent he is managing Karan is excellent and tells him to acquire these all from his buddy because it will be helpful for him when she gives birth to their child. Kulwant evokes Patak’s advice and starts to surrender all the chairs. Jagga says Amrita that why she didn’t ask for approval from Kulwant before.

Episode end

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