Imlie 1 December 2020 Written Update – Imlie gets a home

At the beginning of the episode, Aditya and Imlie went to an NGO, and Imlie predicts what will happen with her next. Aditya told the driver to for few minutes while he comes back. Aditya took Imlie with her inside that NGO and enquired with a worker.

Aditya told Imlie that she can live here, and this NGO will fulfill her needs and you can do her further studies while staying here. Suddenly Imlie bag slips from her hand and feels down, she immediately started gathering her stuff and noticed Aditiya while leaving from there. The caretaker of the NGO told Imlie to come inside with her. Imlie feels sad and thought her dream of coming to a city is getting this direction, and she started recalling her past moments. Suddenly someone kept his hand on her shoulder, Imlie predicated it would be Aditiya and turned around.

Imlie saw Birju from his village, and she started pulling Imlie and told her that he would take her back to the village. Anyhow Imlie free herself from them and took a stick in her hand, and warned them. Birju again tried to drag her, but this time Aditiya came in between and kicks him aside. Aditiya shouted at Birju that how he dare to touch my wife. Birju said I will take her back, and our village judiciary will give the decision. Aditiya told him that you standing in Delhi, and here your laws are valueless as only Indian law is admissible.

Aditya gave him a few seconds to escape, or else he will send him behind the bars. Immediate Birju escaped from there, and Aditya took Imlie with her to his home. Imlie was silent, and the feeling occurred over there.

Everyone welcomed Aditya and Imlie introduce her self that she is finding a job for herself in the city. Rupali toom Imlie with her inside the house and Imlie converts the storeroom into a beautiful place and keeps her scholarship carefully. Then Imlie shares her village stories with the other family members.

Episode end

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