Shaadi Mubarak 2 December 2020 Written Update : Preeti again meet Nandni

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti takes Kusla’s blessing and is shocked to see her gift. Then Sneha comes and blesses her to always be happy. Neil says now it’s Kirtan’s turn. Kirtan arises Preeti’s veil. He remembers Nandani’s words that she had told Preeti. Neil asks Kirtan where is his gift. Kirtan brings a gift for Preeti. He gives her a necklace as a gift. All his family members are simply shocked to see the gift but do not say anything.

Juhi and Kusum arrive. Kusum says she has come at the right time. Kusum says to Juhi, go meet your mother. She says both were very excited to meet each other. Juhi is happy to meet Preeti. Kirtan’s father tells Preeti that he and Juhi can go and talk to the room. Kusum gives gifts to Kusla whom she refuses to take. Priyanka gets Amit’s call there. When she picks up the phone, Amit curses her and speaks dirty words about her. Neil tells Priyanka why she is handling a dirty man like Amit. Priyanka says Neil has no right to speak between her and Amit.

Juhi asks Preeti how is everything here. Preeti says everything is fine. To lighten up Preeti’s mind, Juhi gives her knowledge about marriage. She says that Kirtan has always supported Preeti, so will now, so don’t worry everything will go perfect. There Nandni plans that after 7 days she will go to Kirtan’s house and Preeti herself will take her to Kirtan’s house.

Kirtan asks Neil where is Preeti. Neil says Preeti has gone to the office. Kirtan comes to the office. He asks Preeti why she still came early today. It was the first day of their marriage. Preeti says this is their personal matter so they should not bring personal things in office work. Kirtan apologizes to her for what happened last night. He says he marries Preeti because he likes her. Preeti says he does not need to be clarified, she knows that this marriage is revenge.

Sheena comes and congratulates Preeti and Kirtan and asks Preeti whether Preeti will now use the name Jindal or Tibrewal. Preeti says Tibrewal, Kirtan says Jindal. Sheena says no worry you guys can think and tell it later. Later Preeti is shocked to see Nandni. Kirtan asks Nandani for payment. And then Nandni looking at Preeti’s necklace, she says that this is the same necklace that Kirtan gave her.

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