Anupamma 10 December 2020 Written Update : Anupama backfires on Kavya

At the beginning of the episode, everyone praises Vanraj for his good dance. Pakhi asks Vanraj about time. Vanraj tells her. She asks him to leave with her for the house. Vanraj is ready to leave. But Kavya stops them saying that Pakhi didn’t even cut the cake while she makes the cake for her with love. Vanraj says Kavya is right she should stay for a little longer.

Pakhi asks him to send a message to Anupama. Vanraj says okay. He sends a message to Dolly. Dolly tells everyone that Vanraj and Pakhi will come after 15 minutes. While Anupama asks Babuji and Lila to have food as later they also need to have their medicines. Babuji says they can wait for Pakhi then. Anupama forbids and asks them to have food first. There Pakhi cuts Kavya’s handmade cake. Her friend praises Kavya’s handmade cake. Kavya makes another plan to stop Pakhi from going house. She asks Pakhi’s friends to stay here for some games.

They then force Pakhi to stay with them. There Babuji scolds Vanraj for late arrival. Samar tells he thinks that Vanraj is doing it purposely. Anupama asks him to stay silent. Samar says but what he was saying was right. Anupama waits for Pakhi. After a while, Pakhi arrives with Vanraj. Anupama asks Pakhi where are her friends. Pakhi tells them they go after the party. Babuji asks but who gives the party. Vanraj says Kavya. Everyone stays stunted.

They scold Pakhi. Pakhi cries and leave. Vanraj criticizes everyone for making his daughter sad. Babuji asks him to leave his house. Anupama asks everyone to have food. She goes into the kitchen and cries. Samar comes and hugs her. He consoles her. Later Kavya calls Anupama. Anupama picks it up. Kavya taunts her saying that she once said that she is no longer Vanraj’s wife but still his children’s mother. Kavya ask what happened if she feels sad as she also snatches her daughter. Anupama backfires.

She tells Kavya that she can’t snatch her family. Kavya says she has the same trust in Vanraj but what happened, he came to her in the end. Anupama says because Babuji throws him out thus he came to her and she picked up the thrown thing. She then hangup and goes to Pakhi. Pakhi apologizes to Anupama and she forgives her. Later she shows her pictures to Anupama and gets excited about branded gifts. Anupama feels bad. She thinks Vanraj forget that we can’t win children’s hearts with an expensive gifts all the time.

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