Yeh Hain Chahtein 10 December 2020 Written Update : Mahima filed custody paper for Saransh

At the beginning of the episode, Doctors came to examine Saransh and said he can walk now. Preesha helped Saransh in walking, but Mahima came in between and started helping him. Rudkraksh felt angry to see her, and Preesha was also confused. Preesha said Rudkraksh to have look at how Mahima is Helping Saransh, but Rudkraksh said he will not give Saransh to her.

Rudkraksh and Saransh were having a test tomorrow, and both of them were getting frustrated. Preesha came and tried to make them study by singing, but Rudkraksh and Saransh laughed at her and made fun of her voice. Suddenly Mahima came and started singing Sarnash got impressed and requested her to teach him that song. Saransh gave the guitar to Rudkraksh and said, him to give background music to Mahima’s song. Mahima also helped Rudkraksh in solving his sums. Preesha was standing and observing them.

Saransh came downstairs and thanked Mahima for Helping him in his study. Rudkraksh also thanked her. Suddenly Balraj came and asked the reason for happiness. Saransh said she came first in the class. Balraj said he would give a surprise to him for that and asked him about his wish. Saransh whispered in his ear, and then Balraj stood and went a little far and called him for a horse ride. Ahana and Mishka were amazed to see Balraj like this and were thinking what magic Preesha did over a night that Balraj started loving Saransh so much.

Mahima seeing Balraj’s affection towards Saransh and thought like this it would be difficult for her to take Sarnash from this house. She went upstate and called someone to do work for her.

Balraj received an envelope after which he started panicking suddenly Preesha was crossing from there and noticed Balraj was in tension. Preesha went to him and got to know that Mahima has filed custody for Saransh and its day is tomorrow. Balraj requested Preesha not to let him go as he wants to spend time with him. Balraj joined her hands in front of her to stop these proceedings. Balraj said if Saransh went from here, he would not forgive himself.

Mahima thanked Yuvraj for helping him over a call suddenly, Preesha came and snatched her phone and said, Yuvraj to stay out of their personal affairs. Preesha asked the reason for taking such a step. Mahina said she has to take Saransh from here as he will not accept her staying here. Suddenly Rudkraksh came said he will not allow her to take him. Rudkraksh challenged her to win this case from her and said, her to pack her bags and get out. Preesha tried to convince, but Rudkraksh was very much angry. Preesga said, Mahima to cool down, but Mahima said she is leaving from here and they will meet in the court.

Episode end

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