Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10 December 2020 Written Update : A shocker for Naira

At the beginning of the episode, Naira prepared a dish for Kairav, and at this moment, she got a pic with a note that Ridima made idli for Kairav. After Ridima went off, Kartik asked Kairav that he enjoyed the breakfast or not. Kairav was a little confused and said not that much. Then Kartik said aunt has sent his favorite dish and with of them went to the kitchen. Kairav requested Kartike to make him meet that aunt who is making such delicious food for so long. Kartik said he would ask her.

Naira was standing on the balcony and was thinking something. Kairav came to his balcony and placed a smiley badge on it, and then Naira pulled it and felt happy after seeing that then she received few pictures of Kairav eating her dish.

Manish was hurrying with his bag, and everyone was asking him where is he leaving for. Manish said he is going to Mumbai as he is having a meeting there. Luv and kush also insisted on going with him to Meet Naira, but her mother stopped her from going with him. Krish came forward and said he will not allow you to go anywhere as in your prescription it is clearly mentioned that you are not fit for traveling then Dadi also said, him to drop his plan.

A man was insisting the security guard let him go inside, but he was not allowing him to go suddenly, Naira came and asked about it. Naira said, him to reveal the name, then she will arrange the flat mo from the register. Then Vikas said Ridima her childhood friend lives in this dame apartment and also informed that her husband and child died in a car accident. Naira got shocked.

Ridima was making Kairav sleep in her legs, and suddenly Kartik came and saw him like this and got a little confused. Ridima secretly took a selfie-and suddenly the doorbell rang. Vikas was at the door, but Ridima ignored him and closed the gate.

Naira acknowledged Kartik about Ridima, and Kartik was a little confused. Naira said We should take Ridima with them as she would be feeling alone. Ridima was feeling sad by recalling her past. Ridima felt like his son is close to him seeing that selfie.

Naira and Kartik took Ridima for dinner. Ridima got a message, and she went aside Kairav noticed Ridima and shouted her name, then Kartik came and said to him to sleep, but Kairav insisted to take him too with her. Naira also said to him to take him with them. Then Naira hid and was watching them going for dinner.

Episode end

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