Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 10 December 2020 Written Update : Sai came close to the secret

At the beginning of the episode, Ashwini brought tea for everyone, and suddenly Pakhi came and got surprised seeing her parents and asked them when did they come? They said Bhavini had called them for a tea party. Sai and Virat also came downstairs, and Ashwini said, them to Join others. Suddenly Guruji came, and Bhavini said to everyone that the last proceeding of the marriage is still left. Everyone was a little confused, then Bhavini said Sai would have a new name. Sai denied changing her name as it is the only last thing which I have as a memory of my father.

Bhavini said in this Virat decision will be more important not yours and advised Virat to write his wife new name on the plate which was full of rice. Virat moved ahead, and Sai felt angry inside her. Virat wrote a name, and Ashwini requested her to have a look at her new name, but Sai was not willing to accept the new name. But Ashwini said to have a look for a while, then she noticed her old name written on that and felt happy. Virat said without her permission no one could change her name. Sai thanked Virat for understanding her.

Pakhi’s parents requested Bhavini for taking Pakhi with her, but Pakhi itself died and said Mansi is very much tensed and she can not leave her and go. Bhavani praised her decision.

Devyani requested Sai to play with her for some time, then they went outside and started playing. Devyani shared her feelings and shared her past with her. Sai asked her how she became like this, and suddenly Baba and Omkar came there and incurred. Sai thought in her mind that something is fishy with her past. Omkar said Sai not to tease Devyani like this. An argument started, and Devyani shouted and stopped them from arguing. Suddenly Virat came there and told Sai with her.

Baba and Omkar went to Bhavini and informed that Devyani is coming close to Sai and was asking her about the past. Bhavini said from where Virat got this girl and advised them to protect the secret of this house. Omkar said he feels Karishma is better than Sai, but Bhavini said Sai has not a habit of manipulating others. Bhavini said Devyani’s secret should not to exposed.

Episode end

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