Namak Issk ka 10 December 2020 Written Update – Chamcham performs at Yug engagement

At the beginning of the episode, the other dancer confirmed over a call that she got the location and she will be on time. Chamcham came and requested her to let her go on behalf of her as she needs money urgently. Chamcham recalled Thakur’s words and snatched the address and requesting her to let her go.

Thakur made a video call to Chamcham and showed her their kids and says they both will die. Chamcham faints, and the kids started crying. The other dancer helped her and said to her to go on behalf of me and save your kids. Chamcham reached the temple and came across Yug and recalled what he said to her. Chamcham hides her face from Yug and tries to go inside, suddenly her bag feels down, and Yug noticed a key and recalled his childhood. Yug interrogated her, and he got to know that she has come to dance.

Neelawati asked Amma about Yug and Her wife, suddenly they appeared. Neelawati advised Yug’s wife not to make her in-laws unhappy and said girls are forgiven in their home, not at in-laws.

Chamcham dances and Bhabhi ma recalled that she is the only one who danced at the temple. Yug angrily went to her, and Chamcham fell. Yug lucked her and brought him and gave her water. Chamcham gets surprised to see him. Then Yug asked Chamcham that what she is doing here. She replied that there was an event at your location, so she came here to dance. Yug was giving more money to her, but he threw it on the ground. Chamcham recalled Thakur’s words and picked the money. Yug told him that today you picked money rather than respect. Chamchsm said I would save lives from this money, and I know you will not understand this.

Yug and her wife exchange their ring, and everyone clapped from them, then they both touch Neelawati feet for blessings. Chamcham was looking at the key, and Yug noticed her looking at the key. Thakur called Neel to want and said, her to give more money or else he will take this to the police station. Neelawati taunted and told him worthless. Thakur said I had given you the option, and now it is up to you.

Episode end

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