Kumkum bhagya 11 December 2020 Written Update : Robbers at the gold shop

At the beginning of the episode, Riya asks if Ranbir wants to marry her. Ranbir says yes. Everyone is happy. Mitali brings sweets to everyone and feeds them. Vikram notice that Abhi is happy. He asks the reason. Abhi lies that he is happy. Riya asks Abhi to with Meera for shopping. Abhi and Meera leave. While Dadi thinks why Ranbir is not happy. She wonders if he loves someone else. There at the shop, Pragya tells she doesn’t want to go inside as she is not feeling very well.

While Sarita wants her to come inside. But Pragya says no, sorry. Sarita says fine and goes inside with others. After a while, some men came to shop. Their behavior was somehow strange. Prachi scolds them for their bad behavior while a man wants to shout at her but the other one calms him down and apologizes to Prachi. The shopkeeper asks one of the workers that why he bring new people.

Tony says he knew these people and he brought them here because some workers are on leave. The shopkeeper says okay then, he then asks them to go and handle customers. Here, Pragya takes Prachi to another. While Sarita asks for her gold chain from the shopkeeper. Pragya asks Prachi why she wanted to create a fuss with those types of people. She asks her not to mess with them. Later on, Abhi, Meera, and Riya arrive at the same gold shop.

Abhi gives them his debit card, but Riya him to come with them. Abhi says okay. They then go to the shop owner. Ranbir cries for Prachi. He then decided to forget his love for Pallavi. Aliya comes to him and asks him to come with her to some company work. Ranbir nodes in yes. Tony’s friend asks him that how he gain Shopkeeper trust. Tony tells them the whole story. They then decided to stole everything as soon as possible. While Abhi meets shopkeeper Amit.

He tells Abhi to come with him. He says Aliya mam told him about his marriage. Amit says let me show you a fantastic neckpiece. Abhi asks him to show it to his daughter. Amit notice Pragya and Prachi. He misunderstands the situation and goes to Pragya. He calls her. Pragya goes to him. Abhi feels Pragya is near him. While Pragya feels the same. Sarita scolds the manager for not repairing her chain.

The manager says he will give them 1k if his employee didn’t repair her chain in 30min. While thinks mingle in Abhi’s business. Later shop keeper asks Pragya to tries on this jewelry. Pragya says she doesn’t want it while Sahana and Sarita try jewelry. Tony thinks to use Abhi for his plan. While Abhi meets Pragya, he blames her for his marriage. Pragya ignores.

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