Kundali bhagya 10 December 2020 Written Update : Ramona’s truth comes in front of everyone

At the beginning of the episode, Sherlyn says that she will call Rakhi and check that where she is and why did she go to get Papaji’s medicine when she wanted to do puja. Kareena says to call her and tell her that everyone is on here. Girish calls Preeta and Srishti. He says everyone is waiting for them. Srishti says she should have told Rakhi too but she what will she tells. Preeta says don’t worry she has removed the battery of Rakhi’s phone so Sherlyn can’t contact her. Srishti praises her. She says she did not want Rakhi to fall into this matter. She says Rakhi considers Ramona her friend and today she will reveal her truth.

Shrishti and Preeta come forward and Preeta meets Sarla. Kareena says does Preeta know that there is worship today. Preeta says she guessed by watching the incense burner. Ramona says if you are very smart then do you also know what this worship is. Preeta says Grishanti puja. Ramona says and that’s why she brought this dessert.

Preeta says that in this puja we only use fruits so there is no need for sweets. Ramona says okay and she calls Girish and asks him to distribute laddus. Sristi says she felt hungry. Ramona asks her to eat laddus. Sristi has Ladoo. Rakhi comes at the same time. Pandit Ji asks Rakhi to get ready for worship. Rakhi says but who has kept puja in her house. While Srishti pretends that her health has deteriorated before Rakhi could say anything further. She further says that she is vomiting blood. She says Ramona added poison to Ladu. Ramona says no she did nothing like this. Preeta says then how has Srishti’s health deteriorated after eating laddoo.

Ramona goes mad and says that she did not add poison in today’s ladoo, she did mix it yesterday only. Everyone is shocked. Rakhi says that she thought that Ramona was her friend, then why did she feed poison to her daughters-in-law. Mahira says it is not Ramona’s fault. Karan says there is no need to lie, now everyone knows that Ramona has done this scandal. Preeta tells Sherlyn that now you take back the case against Sarla. Rakhi says yes, else she will get a case registered against Ramona. Ramona apologizes to Rakhi and Sarla. Karan says Preeta is very smart. Preeta says she did everything for her mother.

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