Shakti 10 December 2020 Written Update : Angel tries to provoke Heer

At the beginning of the episode, Preeto asks Virat why he didn’t tell all this earlier. She says this is cheating. She says she will not let Heer stay here. Virat says he had to tell them what he wanted to, and now Preeto can do whatever she wants. Heer remembers how Virat repeatedly tried to distance Heer from himself and did not want Heer to come close to him. Preeto comes to Heer and says that Heer always wanted to be a mother but Virat cannot become a father, so Heer should go home with her. She holds Heer’s hand. Heer frees her hand and goes to his room.

She cries remembering Virat’s words. Preeto follows Heer. She asks Heer to open the door. Parmeet comes and says this is not right to take Heer from here. Nowadays this thing is also treated. She will take Virat to the doctor. Preeto says but if Virat will never cure then. She says that today she will take Heer from here at any cost. Parmeet holds her hand and pulls her away from Heer’s room. Preeto says that she will call all the people and perform the show. Parmeet says that she is so old, but still, she does not desist from performing the spectacle.

Harak takes Preeto from there. Preeto says they should do a spectacle. Harak says no Virat has done so much for them, then they cannot do it. They then go home. A Kinnar tells Malika that Virat has said that he cannot become a father in order to keep Heer safe. Malika gets shocked. There Angel tries to provoke Heer against Virat. Heer slaps her. Parmeet says they should Virat a good treatment. Gurminder says why don’t they call Babaji who treated her. Parmeet says that she cannot tell everyone that Virat is lacking something. Gurminder asks why? Parmeet slaps her and silences her. Gurminder leaves from there.

Angel tries to tell Heer something but Heer says you go quietly from here. Angel says Harman had also remarried. Heer should also do something similar. Heer says go from here. Virat comes home. Sant offers to make tea for him to calm his mood. Virat searches for Heer but she is nowhere to be found. Parmeet gives this news to Preeto. Preeto gets shocked. In the kitchen there, Kareena makes tea and laughs that Angel has taken Heer away from them.

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