Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 10 December 2020 Written Update : Riddhima backfires on Kabir

At the beginning of the episode, Ishani says that this man has done the sign practice of the Vansh. Vihaan and Riddhima think that this is a scandal of Kabir because Vihaan did not sign at home. Grandma’s heartaches. Vihaan tries to go to Dadi but Dadi interrupts him. Kabir handles Dadi and sets her on a chair. Kabir says he arrests this man and Riddhima for cheating. Riddhima says grandmother this is not true. Dadi slaps Riddhima and says that she always loved Riddhima, yet she played with her feelings. Vansh hated false people and today Riddhima is one of them. Riddhima asks for a chance. Grandma gives her 3 hours.

Kabir comes to Riddhima and says that the grandmother has given her a chance but he will not give it. He knows that people like her try to run away. Vihaan says that he cannot leave his family and go anywhere. Riddhima says that he is right, she is not from those who run away. And if Kabir has this much doubt, then he can keep Vihaan locked in the room. Vihaan says that this girl has learned to play good games. Kabir says the plan is good. He locks Vihaan in the room. Next Riddhima comes to meet Vihaan. Kabir says what is she doing here. Riddhima says she has come to meet her husband. Kabir laughs and says okay get it. Vihaan scolds Riddhima and says that they have lost. Riddhima tells him to calm down and says that she will find some solution. Kabir comes and tells Riddhima to leave from there. Riddhima says that the message she wanted to give to Vihaan could not be given.

He says to Riddhima, now say bye to her husband, Riddhima says she wants to hug Vansh. Riddhima hugs Vihaan and tells him her plan. Further Riddhima asks Bappa for her help. Angre comes and tells Riddhima that God never supports wrong. Riddhima asks for his help. Angre says he will not help a woman who tried to harm his wife and child. Angre leaves from there. There Aryan tells Kabir that Raman is threatening him and asking for money. Kabir says go and give him money.

Kabir tells Vihaan that you learn to use a mill, it will help in jail. Vihaan says does Aryan give money to Raman. Kabir says how does he know about all this. Vihaan says that when he can create fake signs then someone can also become fake Raman. There, Angre becomes Raman and comes to know the truth about Aryan and goes to tell the family. Vihaan tells Kabir the whole story of how Riddhima planned all this. Kabir is surprised. Aryan says in front of the family members, he has added the powder to the water.

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