Barrister babu 10 December 2020 written update : Anirudh help Badal

In the beginning of the episode, Bondita tells Anirudh that she is scared of his anger. Anirudh is sad to know this. Bondita says that Anirudh had taught her that there is strength in unity. They should study together and if they are afraid of studies, then make study friends as well so that her fear will end. She says but now he scolds them so much that they all get scared.

Anirudh thanks Bondita for teaching him how to teach. There Suraiya and others try to steal the money. Anirudh says he forgot in the panic that education is not given by insistence but Bondita showed him the right path. Now he will go and apologize to the girls. And it will be as the teacher wishes Bondita. Suraiya and others have been trying to complete the escape plan after stealing all money.

Bondita comes and calls Suraiya and others. Koyli tells her that Ramya and Bholi are studying on the terrace while Suraiya and others are in Bondita’s room. Trilochan says he refused but still the girl went into the upstairs room. He adds How dare they did it. Bondita and Anirudh come to Bondita’s room and find that Bondita’s jewelry is missing. Trilochan comes and says heera mandi girls have stolen.

He says they came here to do the same. Anirudh says that it was his fault too and he will find the girls and talk to them. Suraiya and others think how the whole thing is closed today. That’s when the British started firing. Badal gets shot. There Trilochan stops Anirudh saying that the British have rioted. Anirudh says then he will definitely go then as the girls need him.

There Suraiya takes Badal to reach the hospital but the doctor is going. Still, he applies ointment to Badal. And asks them to take medicine from the pharmacy. But there is no one in the pharmacy. Suraiya says if she had got an education today, she would have been able to find medicines. Anirudh and Bondita find them. He gives medicine to Badal and then goes home. Further, Anirudh teaches girls in a relaxed and elaborate manner. Everyone studies diligently while Ilachi tells Mini that her plan has failed.

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