Choti Sarrdaarni 10 December 2020 Written Update – Sarab gave his all property to Aditi

At the beginning of the episode, Aditi said, Sarba to give Karan to them and said they would take care of her more than them. Sarab stood and remains silent. Harleen came and said, Sarab to think before taking any decision. Harleen said, Sarab to give Karan to him, but Sarab said he can’t believe that Aditi can put such conditions in front of us and denied to give Karan to her. Aditi said then she has to choose the second option. Sarab assumed that she would be going to court for Karan’s custody, so he said she is free to go anyway, but he will not give Karan to anyone.

Aditi said not for Karan she will go court for her rights. Aditi said her whole life She was considered an illegitimate child. Aditi pointing towards the portrait, said her mother was the first wife of your Father pointing towards the date of the portrait and said, according to law, your mother’s marriage is illegal and said you both are illegitimate child not her and said she is the sole owner of all the property, at any time she cam throws them out of the house.

Harleen slapped Aditi and said, you would throw us out of this house. Sarab stopped Harleen and said not to behave like this. Aditi said, them to choose one option either get out of this house or else give Karan back to Vikram. Harleen said at any condition he will not give her son to anyone nor they will go out of this house and said warned her for taking legal action. Harleen was about to call security, but Sarab stopped her from taking such a step. Harleen said, this is our house, and we have full control over it. Sarab said for Karan he can leave everything and felt good that Karan is not with them as in the future, Aditi might do discrimination between her own kid and Karan.

Police released Kulwant, and Kulwant felt proud while coming out of the jail. Kulwant thought Patahak might ask something for this favor. Kulwant directly asked him what he will demand. Pathak said today he has come to give something and gave her a googles slogan written on it. Pathak said we both would rule in Punjab.

Sarab gave all his property to Aditi and decided to leave that mansion with his family. Patak upholds Kulwant to get out of jail. She thinks he won’t help her without any profit and asks what she has to do to compensate for his help. He says she need not do anything and says she is going to become MLA. She gets surprised by hearing him. He tells her to join the new party. Amrita tells Kulwant did wrong by joining the party.

Harleen said, Sarab not to take any decision which might trouble Karan and Param. Sarab was not willing to change his decision. Harleen said Meher to convince Sarab but was standing quiet, and then, after she went from there.

Episode ends.

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