Yeh Hain Chahtein 11 December 2020 Written Update : Rudrakh escaped from India with Saransh

At the beginning of the episode, Mahima was about to leave the home, and Preesha was trying to stop her. Suddenly they came across Saransh, and he noticed tears in Preesha’s eyes and a trolley bag in Mahima’s hand. Mahima said she is going to Gps house for a few days. Saransh tried to stop her, but she said she is going for a few days.

The next day in the court, Mahima came with Yuvraj, and everyone settled there. Rudkraksh lawyer acknowledged the judge about all the conditions and claimed that Mahima is not mentally stable. Mahima’s lawyer claimed that Mahima is jow alright and having an active mind. Mahima stood and said because of Saransh, she recovered from her mental health and requested the judge to transfer the custody to her.

Rudkraksh stood and said Saransh is willing to stay with us, and for custody, every term has to be taken under consideration. Rudkraksh lawyer took the stand and said Rukdkrash is very supportive and caring.

Mahima’s lawyer stated that fee days back Saransh was in the hospital, and the reason was Balrak Khurana. Balraj stood and claimed that it was just an accident, but the lawyer forced him to accept that because of him he jumped from the window. Rukdkrash’s lawyer started coughing and requested the judge for the next hearing date. The judge said, and after 3 days hearing will be continued.

Balraj was angry with a lawyer for coughing madly and delaying the case. The lawyer said it was compulsory to do or else we might have lost the case as the opponent was a little strong. Rukdkrash said to use any power or source to win the case at any cost.

Yuvraj offered sweets to Gps and said we ate about to win the case. Gps denied having it and asked Mahima that she is sure about what she is doing. Mahima said beyond Sarnash nothing matters to her slot, so she is pretty sure about this. Gps and Sharadha were a little upset with this decision.

Preesha was making Sarnash sleep, but Sarnash was missing Mahima. Preesha said she will be back soon and said he to sleep. Preesha thought in her mind that how she will manage this situation and went to see Rudkraksh. Rudkraksh was consuming alcohol, and he was booking tickets for Saransh and himself. Preesha asked him what he is doing? Rudkraksh said he will take Sarnash out of India. Preesha said this is illegal taking Sarnash in between the case. Rudkraksh said he can take him, everyone, as he is his father.

Rudkraksh got angry at Preesha and blamed him for creating this situation. Rudkraksh said he will go, and no one can stop him. Rudkraksh dragged her out of the room and closed the gate. Rudkraksh recalled his past moments with Saransh. Preesha was requesting god to find a way for her. Preesha went to Balraj and informed about the escape of Rudkraksh and requested them to stop him and made him think peacefully. Balraj went to Rudkraksh room and found he was missing, then they went to Saransh’s room, but Sarnash was also missing. Preesha doubts that Rudky took Sarnash with him abroad.

Episode end

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