Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11 December 2020 Written Update : Romantic time for Naira and Kartik

At the beginning of the episode, Krish called Naira and asked about her. Naira thanked Krish for helping them in taking care of her family. Krish said everyone is pretending.

Kartik, Kairav, and Ridima went to the hotel, and there the security man considered them a couple of and wished them. Kartik felt wired, but Ridima was a little happy. Dadi shouted at Swarna for not taking care of the Akhad Jyot. Gayu said to Surekha that everyone is just thinking for them, not for anyone else. A heated argument broke down between Dadi and Gayu, and suddenly Dadi felt dizziness and everyone helped her to settle down. Everyone insisted she not to keep any fast in such health condition. Swarna whispered to Manish that Krish is taking good care of everyone.

Naira was managing the clothes of Kairav while talking to Akshara. Kairav insisted on ordering noodles for him. Ridima imagined herself sitting at a table and crying, then Kartik interpreted and asked her to order something, but she denied. Ridima received an important call and went aside to attend that. Two men started teasing Ridima and blocked her way, suddenly Kartik came in between, and they went off. Ridima recalled her moment how her husband uses blame for everything and felt good about the gesture of Kartik. Ridima went back to the table and glanced at Kartik for a while.

Luv and kush indirectly trying to convince Vansh for accepting the truth. Vansh said to them that he wanted to talk with Kairav and confess something. Kairav finished his meal, and Ridima insisted on a selfie.

Kartik and Naira were having ice cream secretly. Dadi doubted that something Naira and Kartik is hiding from them as they have a good experience of original and fake. Kirti said Dadi, not to overthink.

Ridima noticed Kartik and Naira spending their personal time and felt a little sad. Kartik said to Naira that Ridima made her meet Kairav very soon. Naira got happy and hugged Kartik.

Luv and Kush were talking to Kartik and Naira over a video call. Kartik requested them to take care of everyone. Naira thought Surekha would be very happy seeing Luv and Kush. Kartik said very soon she would also able to love Kairav.

Episode end

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