Shaadi Mubarak 11 December 2020 Written Update : KT losses his cool

At the beginning of the episode, KT wants to check Preeti’s stuff. Preeti says why will she steal things like brushes. KT still wants to check on. He keeps moving her stuff here and there. While doing so Preeti’s stuff falls on the ground which makes Preeti upset. She even hides her stuff before KT can notice it. She becomes angry and shouts at her. Later she is about to fall but KT saves her. Both see in each other’s eyes. While Preeti gets a phone call. She picks up a phone call while KT leaves. Kusla tells Sneha that Preeti is the one who steals KT’s brush as she wants to do some black magic on her.

She thinks today she will ask Preeti everything. Preeti comes Kusala wants to ask her sometimes but she leaves saying that she has some important work to do. Ahead KT arrives at Shivraj’s office for some paperwork. He then hears Juhi’s name who came here for the job interview. Later both notice each other and are shocked. On the other side, Preeti arrives at the police station to save Arjun as he was driving when he is not in his sense thus police captured him. Even though Preeti frees him from jail he still misbehaves with Preeti.

While Nandni came and hit Arjun. She then starts crying saying that Arjun can’t handle that his father marries someone else. She adds she and Arjun will leave soon so that they can leave peacefully. KT asks his father to give this CA job to Juhi. When Kusla hears this she gets shocked. And Shivraj asks Juhi to join his office from tomorrow. Juhi feels happy she says she will give her 100% to this job. While KT asks why Juhi didn’t tell Preeti about the fire accident. Juhi says she doesn’t want to disturb Preeti thus she hides this thing from her. KT assures her that she still tells her anything to her mother as she did it before. He then lightens her mood making her laugh at her jokes.

There Preeti lost KT’s brush. She tries to find it while Kusla came. She scolds Preeti for doing black magic on her son. She even tells Preeti about Juhi’s suffering which makes her shocked. Preeti tells her that she only wants to use this brush for the DNA test. Kusla says fine she will help Preeti in this case. While Sneha doesn’t want this as she is caring about the property. She tells this thinks to his husband who asks him not to worry this much. Later Sneha tells KT about the DNA test. KT comes into his room and scolds Preeti for that. Preeti says this thing is important for them. It can help Arjun and him both. KT gets angry he starts throwing things here and there. Preeti wants to stop him. He pushes Preeti and then apologizes. While Preeti says we need to do this test to bring back his true self. KT forbid.

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