Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 11 December 2020 Written Update : Sai taunts Pakhi

At the beginning of the episode, Sai was angry with Virat and said this was not the deal that everyone will taunt me. Virat said, Sai not to use this deal word again. Virat said Sai not to interfere in personal affairs as it was also not a part of the deal. Sai said Devyani itself came to her and started sharing her feelings, but Virat ordered her not to talk with her anymore.

Ashwini said Sai to cook food for others, Karishma got happy as she is now free from all work, but Ashwini gave her a new work, but she said this work will be done by Pakhi as she is not present here for a long time. Ashwini asked Sai about Pakhi, then she replied that last night she came to our room to take some medicine then Karishms said, yesterday you both were having a special night then also she interpreted. Suddenly Bhavini came and said, Sai not spice up the gossips just only use spices in the food. Bhavani said Pakhi is not well, so she will not come into the kitchen, Virat heard this and went to see her, and Sai noticed Virat.

Pakhi was watching Virat’s pic on her phone, and Suddenly Virat came to Pakhi and asked her about health and gave her some medicine. Virat advised her to come with her to the doctor, but Pakhi said, him not to worry about him. Pakhi said her heart is not well, so her body is not well. Virat promised Pakhi that he would be close to her and support her. Virat tried to clear the things and said what she saw yesterday was just a misunderstanding.

Sai was at her table and thinking about her result and was arranging her documents suddenly she noticed her mark sheet was missing then she started searching here and there in the room sai stood up on a stool and was trying to pull out his bag and suddenly feel down, but Virat balanced her. Then Sai asked him to bring down that bag from her then Virat started sneezing then Sai taunted Virat for giving medicines to Pakhi. A heated argument burst out in between them about Pakhi, suddenly Pakhi came and asked her about the reason for fighting. Sai said Pakhi that husband and wife usually fight, then there is no need for the third person to come in between. Virat tried to stop her, but she was continuously taunting Pakhi.

Sai woke up in the middle of the night and started thinking of her exam result. Then Virat also waked up and asked her why she is sitting like this in the middle of the night. Sai said she is having head pain because of her result, then Virat gave her a head massage and made her sleep. Pakhi was standing at the balcony thinking about Virat, and suddenly Virat also came to his balcony and noticed her.

Episode end

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