Anupamma 11 December 2020 Written Update : Anupama lays in a tough stop

At the beginning of the episode, Kavya is thinking about Anupama’s words. Vanraj comes while Kavya is still thinking about Anupama. Vanraj asks how was her day. Kavya says the best day of her life. Vanraj says the same goes for him. He hugs Kavya and says today he feels so good as she made his Pakhi smile. He adds how he feels better after showing Anupama her truthful place. Kavya thinks Anupama just gave her taunts but she gave her pain.

Vanraj asks if Kavya makes his Pakhi happier when she comes here to stay with make. At first, Kavya makes faces then say yes. She then asks Vanraj to get a divorce while Vanraj ignores this thing. There Lila is upset due to so many expenses. She says when Vanraj is here he fulfill all their demands but now how will they manage all this. Later Jhilmil tells Anupama that Nandni and others ask her for the job so from now on she doesn’t need to think about her salary. She will take it when Anupama has money. Anupama cries.

There Samar tells Paritosh about his job. Paritosh says he will too find some job. Samar says there is no need he should focus on his study more. Paritosh says no, he has to help his house too. Anupama notices everyone that how they are suffering due to lack of money. She calls someone and asks for help. There is also on call and he somehow feels happy. While Kavya comes to him and tells him that Pakhi unblocked her. And soon she will accept her. Vanraj smile. He then says he needs to go for some work. And don’t worry he is not going home.

Kavya thinks if Anupama calls him for money. Later Anupama and Vanraj arrive at the same restaurant. Anupama meets Devika at the restaurant. While Vanraj meets his client. Devika tells Anupama that she is finding a suitable job for her but Anupama says but at this age, it is hard for her to get the job right. But she needs a job for her family’s sacks. There Vanraj got the project. He feels blessed.

While Devika gets a call. Anupama sees the picture of the principal. She looks shocked. Devika notices the tensed face of Anupama. She asks what happened. She adds if this woman is the same one for whom she used to work. Anupama nodes. Devika becomes sad as her last hope also goes down in the drain. There Kinjal is about to leave her house to meet Paritosh. Rakhi stops her. She says she knows that Kinjal is going out to meet Paritosh. She asks Kinjal to go in. Kinjal goes while Rakhi plans to something big.

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