Kumkum bhagya 14 December 2020 Written Update : Abhi Praises Pragya

At the beginning of the episode, Meera and Pragya meet eachother. Meera wants to ignore Pragya thus she starts leaving while Pragya stop her saying thankyou for taking care of my child. Then she goes from there while Meera stays still. Later Pragya notice Abhi with Amit, she recall Abhi’s bitter words. Tony and his men searches for key to get expensive neckpiece. Some more goons comes there to help Tony. They even bring guns with them.

Meantime Abhi and Amit comes. Tony and others waits for Amit to openup the box of neckpiece. Aliya calls Meera and ask how your shopping going. Meera tells Aliya that she meet Pragya here and after meeting her she don’t want to marry Abhi. Aliya is shocked as if Meera says no to this marriage her plan go in drain.

She tells Meera that Pragya bad woman don’t say no to Abhi due to her. She ask her she don’t like Abhi. Meera says no, she likes him. Aliya says fine, keep an eye on Pragya, and don’t fall for her. Meera hangup the phone. There Riya brought a ring for Ranbir. She later notice Prachi there. Sahana also see Riya and she come forward. She scolds Riya for making Pragya hurt.

Riya forbids her for this and says don’t give me lecture, you are not my family. Prachi goea to Riya and says do not dare to talk with Sahana in this tone. Riya gets angry and says soon I will show you you’re rightful spot. On the other side, Pragya ask Sarita to leave from here as she is not feeling good but Sarita ignores her. While a girl take Pragya with her. And Meera notice a woman who is feeling dizziness.

While that girl make Pragya wear a neckpiece. Pragya says she don’t want it. Meantime Abhi come along with Meera. Amit ask hows Pragya looking. Abhi says Pretty. Riya says but Meera is going to her Father’s wife. She then misbehave with Pragya and leaves. Pragya wants to follow her but Abhi grabs her and take her to the another side.

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