Kundali bhagya 11 December 2020 Written Update : Sherlyn withdrew the case

At the beginning of the episode, Rakhi asks Sherlyn why she is so kept quiet. She asks her to withdraw her case which she files against Sarla. Sherlyn agrees to it. While Karan says they should leave now. He asks her for the reason for her silence. He asks if she wants to make a complaint against Ramona as she was the one who wanted to harm her unborn child.

Sherlyn thinks he knows that Sherlyn can never ask the police to grab Ramona yet he is saying this to bother her. She says she doesn’t file an against Ramona but she will surely withdraw the file against Sarla. She and Karan leave. Ramona takes her daughter to the side. While Rakhi says sorry to Sarla. Sarla says it is not her fault so you don’t need to says sorry. Rakhi asks Preeta to spend some time with her mother.

Preeta gets happy. She and Sarla leave. Later Janki asks what happened. Preeta apologizes to her first and asks her not to become angry as they didn’t join her in their plan. She says she did it as she knew that if they tell this to Janki, she won’t let them execute this plan. Janki asks but first tells me what happened. Preeta is about to tell everything while Srishti interrupts her and then tells the whole story to Janki herself.

Sarla tells Janki how Ramona asks for forgiveness and Sherlyn withdrew the case. She thanks Preeta and Srishti. There Ramona scolds Mahira saying why she still kept those laddus with her, why she didn’t throw them out? Sherlyn asks Ramona not to lose her sense of anger. Ramona blam Mahira for her insult.

She says today that Sarla is happy and she is sad due to her. She then leaves while Sherlyn says to Mahira that now they need to plan something big against Preeta. Later Preeta comes to her room and notices Karan on the couch. She goes to the bathroom and later comes to bed. She feels that Karan is in bed too. She tries to get up but Karan holds her and says sleep here.

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