Qurbaan Hua 11 December 2020 Written Update : Will Alekh shoot Dr. Baigh?

At the beginning of the episode, Neel was trying to convince Chahat not to reveal the truth as it is not the right time. Chahat said she could not hide anymore and went off from there. Alekh went to Godhmbhari asked what she called him so urgent. Godhmbhari showed him that Pendrive and said she got this from Krips swing. Alekh took and said, now no one can reach this Pendrive.

Chahat said she afraid of telling the truth to Vyas Ji. she started praying to get some positive energy so that she can easily go to Vyas Ji and confess everything. Neel noticed Vyas Ji wasp coming towards Chahat. Neel thought of doing something to hide Chahat from Vyas Ji. Vyas decided to purify the house by sprinkling Gangajal all over the house. Vyas Ji was slowly moving towards her, and suddenly he noticed Chahat and went near her and asked her what she is doing. Suddenly outside the house, a Muslim priest came and gave blessings. Vyas Ji said that Priest that everyone in this house is Hindu and said you might have some misunderstanding. The priest said he could never fail to recognize the child of our God.

Chahat asked Vyas if anyone in our house is Muslim and then said, if you found that I am Muslim, then what you will do. Vays Ji said he would give up his throne. Vyas Ji said that Priest to go and was about to go inside, but Chahat stopped Vyas Ji suddenly Godhmbhari shouted, and everyone went inside and noticed that CCTV footage on the screen. Everyone was blaming Dr. Baigh, and Vyas Ji curses Dr. Baigh for his crime. Vyas Ji said when he would get his punishment. Chahat thought of punishing herself and took that burning coal in her hand. Neel came and threw that from her hand and took her. Godhmbari said something is there, which Neel and Chahat are hiding from her.

Neel said Chahat does not punish herself like this. Neel said Chahat that when he first meets Dr. Baigh, he said, that your face is back. Neel said we have to find out the truth. Neel said Chahat to remove all Hindu ornament as Dr. Baigh would not resist seeing you like this. Chahat removed her ornaments, and Neel also helped her.

Neel took Chahat to Dr.Baigh, where Dr.Baigh was trying to say that he has not done anything intentionally, but Chahat stopped him and said, him to get well first then confess everything. Dr.Baigh was trying to say something Bhupender asked Chahat that what he is trying to say. Chahat said he wants to go to Masjid and confess everything to God. Neel said, Chahat to take him where he wants to go and Advised Chahat to wear a burka.

Alekh changed his look and went to that same place where Chahat and Dr.Baigh were coming. Alekh called Godhmbari and said now it’s time to prove the humourous which he has spread about the terrorist in the city. Godhmbari asked him that how would he do this Alekh replied by open firing on the roads. Chahat went there with Dr. Baigh. Alekh pointed his gun towards Dr.Baigh unknowingly and chanted to protect his own image he can cross any limit.

Episode end

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