Namak Issk ka 11 December 2020 Written Update – Chamcham escaped from Thakur trap

Chamcham escaped from Thakur trap

At the beginning of the episode, Thakur tells his men that they did great work fixing the mandap, but they should have dressed too as they are going to be his baratis. Chamcham tells him this matrimony will not happen. She gives money to Thakur and asks to free her brother and sister. He asks his men to bring his brother and sister. He says he got four international dogs it will be okay if he feeds biscuits to them Chamcham nods. He brings Lucky and Rani covered with biscuits. The dogs start howling. Chamcham attempts to save the kids, but the goons stopped her. The dogs continue howling. Thakur states dogs are faithful, but I am not, so I am tending behind on my words. Chamcham starts sobbing and accepts to marry.

Thakur asks his goons to leave Chamcham. She hugs her kids. Thakur said if you will give all love to them, who will love me. He gives her the bride’s attire and asks her to get ready quickly. He asks his men to find someone like Chamcham, who will dance in our marriage. Cham Cham gets ready. She thinks she would do anything for Lucky and Rani.

Neelawati remembers what Thakur did. She comes to the wedding as the dancer with a face cover. She dances around. All men dance with her. She comes to Thakur’s room to take the file. Thakur is involved with the wedding. The kids are yelling. Rani advised not to marry him. He is a dangerous person Priest says the bride and groom get up for the beats. Chamcham does not stand. They set the gun on the kids. Chamcham says no, please. She gets up. The kids are yelling. They hug Chamcham. Thakur said, let us start the cycles. Lucky says she will not marry you. Lucky pushes him and says she will not marry you. Lucky pushes her. Thakur falls on a foil. It hits him. Everyone is horrified. Thakur’s men run to him. Chamcham gets the kids and goes from there. Thakur commanded to grab them.

Rani lurks after a bag and enters the bus. Lucky does the equal. The bus leaves for Mumbai. Chamcham cannot enter the bus as she is covering. She begs to god and makes a way to enter the bus. All the goons follow after her. Finally, she gets on the bus as Yug’s car drags by. A man is sitting in a wheelchair, and he tries to write the word Car with the pain while memorizing the car befalling from a hill.

Episode end

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