Barrister babu 11 December 2020 written update : Will girls get the victory?

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh tells everyone their scores before going to the competition. He states that Bondita has scored 10 marks. He tells everyone their points in turn. He tells Ilachie has scored only 3 points. When they have studied together, he asks, why is she left behind? He says never mind Ilaichi can still show it by doing something. Trilochan arrives and taunts Hira Mandi’s girls and praises Bondita. Trilochan says that Anirudh’s team girls are the weak links.

Anirudh says no, Hira Mandi’s girl is his courage and they will get the victory today. Anirudh asks the girls will they win? The girls say yes to passion. In the competition venue ahead. Mini asks Anirudh if he remembers what the consequences will be after he is defeated. Bondita says they know but does she remember that if she loses, her husband will have to leave the office. Mini is irritated. The principal comes and says the competition is about to start, then the girls have breakfast before that.

Mini gives Elaichi sleep medicine and asks to mix it in rasgullas. Elaichi does just that. All the girls eat rasgulla. Mini smiles. Trilochan tells Binoy that he suspects that Mini is about to play some game. While the exam begins. Anirudh sees that Bondita is taking a nap of sleep. Also, the condition of the other girls is similar. Mini says that now only she will win. Anirudh thinks why these girls are sleeping. Trilochan says that because of his fate about to sleep.

After a while all the girls are asleep. Anirudh tries to awaken them. He says they have to stop the exam. The principal says no, the exam will still be done. Anirudh wants to wake up the girls while Mini asks Anirudh to go to his seat. Anirudh says but he will have to do something. Mini says the girls are doing a drama. Because they are afraid of losing. She tells the principal that they should start the competition. The principal agrees.

Trilochan says that he cannot see this. Binoy tries to stop him. Trilochan says that they have to leave from here so he is going to pack the goods so that we can go from here to London as nobody will find them there. The principal asks the questions there, the boys answer. While the girls are asleep. The principal asks who discovered the sun. Bondita rings the bell despite being a sleep.

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